Happy Holidays from My Heart to Yours!
My Dear Friend,
Although you may think that you are just a name or number on my email list, that is not exactly the whole picture. You are so very much more than just an email address sent blindly to hundreds of others.
Each time I prepare an email, I do it from my heart...I prepare it with love and an intention to somehow touch your heart and make your day...dare I say your life...in some small way more wonderful through the teaching I have been given to share.
And each time I see your name on the "opened emails" list it is like a gift to me, acknowledging that you received the gift I sent with love. Your face appears in my mind and heart. It is like saying "hello."
From the bottom of my heart I want to thank you for taking your precious time to read the messages I send. One cannot give a gift without a recipient. Thank you for being a recipient...therefore allowing my gift to "be opened." You are loved, appreciated, and important.
Some of you who are on my list live a great distance away...some I have not seen in many years...some I may never have actually seen. Some are friends and family in my local area...and even some of you I have not seen in many years. This does not mean that I do not think of you, and love you, and desire to see you.
I made a choice over 20 years ago to follow the call of Spirit to ministry. This choice came with a hefty price...a price of time, hard work and devotion. It has greatly limited my leisure time, travel time, visiting, calling, or letter writing time. I pay, and do not regret the price I pay. And you are a part of making it all worth it.
May God bless you, your holiday, and the year ahead with every good thing.
From my heart to yours, Blessed and Happy Holidays and a Bright Shiny New Year!
With love, RevAli aka Alicia, Aunt Alicia, Nana, Mom, Sis, Whatever.