Ex 3:4 
When the LORD saw that he turned aside to see, God called
to him out of the bush, "Moses, Moses!"
And he said, "Here am I."  
"The mind is our connecting link with God. We communicate with God through prayer and meditation."
Charles Fillmore,
Co-founder of Unity

Spirit of Unity ~ Meta-Musing
When God Calls...
Angel and Mary
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Got is calling! Will you answer the call? What could God possibly say to you? Read on!
Ring. ring...Ring, ring...God Calling!
As a child, I recall seeing the movie, "The Nun's Story,"  where a young girl received a "call" from God to become a nun, and so she did. I wondered what God's voice sounded like. Was it booming? Why didn't anyone around hear it but the one God was speaking to? How could one know whether it was God or insanity?
I wished, but never had a real expectation that God would speak to me. Then it happened! God called. I had felt for some time that there was something missing in my life...that I was not doing whatever it was I was supposed to be doing. One day when I was in prayer I was having one of those "one way" conversations with God. I cried out from my heart and soul, "What do you want, God? What do you want me to do?"
God answered. Oh yes He did! Audibly...I heard the voice as clear as day. God said, "Minister. Unity Minister." Oh. yes..."Sure, God," I replied...now my family will be fully convinced that I'd "gone round the bend." However I quickly realized...or God shared with me...that all I had done to that point in life had brought me to this perfect place, and His perfect plan for my life. The good, the bad, the ugly...all a part of my preparation.
After that, it seemed like God had fallen silent for quite some time. Then one day it occurred to me that God is speaking to us without ceasing. Just because we do not hear words with our ears, does not mean we are not being called...wooed...given marching orders...or love and support.
So, how is God calling to you?
God calls to us through our dreams and desires. Our dreams are not our dreams...they are God's dreams for us; they are the pull of the Kingdom of Heaven; the manifestation of all that is good...to manifest THROUGH us.
God calls to us through our pain and suffering, oftentimes signaling that we, our life, our culture, etc. is off course and needs to return to Principle...Spiritual Law and Order. It signals that something needs to be attended to.
God calls to us through nature, and our brothers and sisters in the animal kingdom, calling us to love, honor and cherish each other and the wonderful planet on which we live.
God calls to us through the "Twelve Power Centers," within our bodies. We can discern the nature of God's 'call' at that moment through the center that is being 'touched' or sensistised. A "gut feeling" is God sending you a clear message to follow that feeling, emanating through the spiritual centers of Divine Order located behind the navel, and Wisdom located at the pit of the stomach.
God calls to us through our thoughts. A favorite Unity song lyric says, "Our thoughts are prayers, and we are always praying." True...AND...if we want God to be able to 'talk back,' we need to learn the gift of silence and listening. God calls to us when we 'think,' "somebody ought to do something," or "why doesn's somebody invent _____," or the great imaginings and adventures bubbling below the surface of our day to day lives.
Most importantly, God calls us to Mission. Each one of is called to participate in the unfoldment of all that is good, wonderful, amazing, opulent, fulfilling. Each morning when you arise, do you go to your job or mission? It does not matter whether you work in a grocery store or operating room; a chapel or on a garbage truck. If you are striving for all that is good and kind and loving...scratching that "divine itch," you are answering God's call!
Don't let God get a busy signal when He calls. Take time to stop...look...listen...and follow.
Unity...it's a way of life that works!
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Alicia Leslie
Spirit of Unity Church