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Did you ever get a song "stuck in your head;" where you find it rolling around and around, you find yourself humming it until you wish you could find a way to eject it from your mind? Yeah! Me too...well...read on to find a way to make those earworms work for you instead of just driving you nuts!
PS 149
Praise the LORD!
Sing to the LORD a new song,
his praise in the assembly of the faithful!
Unity Wisdom
"Singing, praising, and thanksgiving are the great building impulses of man. Never repress the desire to give thanks through happy songs and words of praise.

Put Those Earworms to Work!

Last week I had a very stubborn earworm problem. A few lines of an annoying song I heard on the radio somehow lodged itself in my head. "Oops I did it again..." YIKES! Don't like the song. Don't like the message of the song. Don't want to reinforce in my mind that "Oops, I did it again" is an excuse for negative or irresponsible behavior. It is, however, a very powerful earworm.

I am certain that there is a scientific explanation having to do with rhythms, tones and phrasing that makes something "worm" its way into our minds. That is what television commercial jingles are all about. That's why manufacturers and merchants spend so much time and money to develop something that will "stick" in your mind, and the next time you see those "Golden Arches," you know that "You deserve a break today..." and like Pavlov's pup, you turn into the parking lot for a burger.

BUT...what if you could harness the power of earworms to reinforce the things you WANT to hold in your mind? Of course Unity has been teaching this for years...it is called the Power of Affirmation, or a-FIRM-ing; making firm a thought or idea. Phrases are great...but when you add some music to them they are even more powerful! Where the mind goes...energy flows...and manifestation follows.

So, when I find myself bothered by a pesky earworm, I dislodge it with something positive. I have my own "arsenal" of positive songs, ranging from "I Am Free, I Am Unlimited," to "I Love Myself the Way I Am," "God is So Good," 'Prosperity, Prosperity, I know my own will come to me," etc.

There are many classic and popular songs with positive earworms in them. "Give Peace a Chance," "Ebony and Ivory," ... Okay, okay, I'm dating myself... but I assure you, with just a little effort you can come up with your own "earworm antidotes." If something is going to be running around in the back of your mind, it might as well be working with you to manifest a full, successful and happy life.

On the whole, music is a powerful tool for changing our lives and the world we live in. But that's another day and another message. For now, go "put on a happy face," and "whistle a happy tune."

In Harmony, RevAli

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Alicia Leslie
Spirit of Unity Church