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Do you think you know what you value most? Could it be your values need to be realigned? Read on!

"Do not give dogs what is holy; and do not throw your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under foot and turn to attack you.
Unity Wisdom

Life is not in itself requires the directive power of an entity that knows where and how to apply its force, in order to get the best results ~ Charles Fillmore - Twelve Powers of Man

Testing Your True Values

If you think you know what your true values are, I invite you to test your values; to "play along" with me by taking a simple test.

First, Stop reading right now and make a list of ten things you value most in life. (STOP)

(CONTINUE) One of Unity's primary teachings is "Life is Consciousness," yet many of us move through life oblivious of the causes we are sending forth and their part in the effects we are receiving.

The "Law of Attraction," which Unity also calls "The Law of Mind Action," states that the thoughts we hold in mind manifest in our lives and the world we live in. This is only a piece of the puzzle though. To the thoughts we must add the feelings that anchor them in our mind. Without both thought and feeling; without feeling and thought working together, manifestation simply does not occur.

A Physician may see our eyes are open, that we are breathing, walking and talking and state we are conscious. However, a metaphysician looks deeper. A Metaphysician looks to our awareness regarding what we are thinking, feeling and talking about; and manifestation.

Each day thoughts fly at us at warp speed. They come in the form of input from television, newspapers, over the radio waves, through friends and family members or nature or our various experiences and circumstances in life. What makes some of
them "stick" while others fly by? Feelings. It is the feeling that snags the thought and anchors it in our minds.

Our values, are things that we claim are important.  We claim to THINK they are important...and FEEL they are important. However, oftentimes that is not backed up by the reality of what we actually think and feel. We can SAY we value health, but if we are not living a healthy lifestyle we are not making the connection between our thoughts, words and actions and our experience of health or lack of its appearance.

Our True Values are what we claim as our values that are matched by our thoughts, words and actions.

But its more than that. If you want to "test" what you value, you can find that answer by looking at four things:

1) What you do with your time - review your datebook or schedule.
2) What you do with your money - review your checkbook register.
3) What you do with your talent - how have you been using your gifts and talents?
4) What you do with your energy - true value energizes, anything else drains energy.

Go back to the list you created. Is this where you spend your time, money, talent and energy? How much? Has something taken the place of the things you value?

This is important because this is what you give your life to. This is your Tru
e Value. The choice is always yours.

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