Meta-Musing ~ Filling Teddy's Shoes

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Bible Wisdom

Jesus said to them again, "Peace be with you. As the Father has sent me, even so I send you."
- John 20:21

Wisdom from Unity

"We find that changes come gradually, and they come through work."

Charles Fillmore: Keep A True Lent 
Blessings to you!
Yesterday we received the sad news that Senator Edward Kennedy has left this earthly realm. Many sadly see this as the end of the "Kennedy Political Dynasty."  Our hearts ache in memory of the thrill of JFK's election, the sadness of his loss; the thrill and hope felt in his brother Bobby's aspirations to the presidency, and the sadness of his loss. We still had "Ted" though, and now his light on the planet has gone out.
It is the ideals these people expressed that we will miss most.  It is ideals of hope for a better life in a challenging world. For many, the Kennedy's have been "Knights in Shining Armor," in spite of some of questionable earthly escapades.
The words he gave his followers when his Presidential campaign failed in 1980, were these: "For me, a few hours ago, this campaign came to an end," he said. "For all those whose cares have been our concern, the work goes on, the cause endures, the hope still  lives and the dream shall never die."

If you are one of the many grieving the loss of "Teddy" Kennedy, I invite you to pick up torch, work for the cause, keep the dream alive by standing for the ideals. We have not only the privilege, but the responsibility of taking the torch and carrying it forward, any place where "others' cares are our concerns" knowing the cause endures, the hope lives, and together we keep the dream alive.
 Whether you are a "fan" of Ted Kennedy or not does not really matter. We may all have different experiences and beliefs, but we are still a single part of a collective whole. We are like a drop in the ocean, but not the all-ness of the Ocean itself.   

Spiritually there is no separation of Church and State, no separation of political parties, no separation of countries, no separation of cultures, religions, genders or species. We are all simply unique expressions of the Oneness of Spirit; God.  

With great freedom, comes great responsibility. I urge you to join me in being Positive Change MACR's. That means accepting our Mutual Accountability and Collective Responsibility: MACR. The barriers we have erected are illusion we have built through fear and a belief in separation. Even the concept of "independence" is an illusion, as at the very core we are interdependent.

May your week be blessed with every good thing. Claim your Power! Become a Peace MACR, a Prosperity MACR, a Difference MACR, because who you are CAN and DOES make a difference

In His Love and Light, RevAli