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Your Order Is Being Processed
Matthew 7:7

 "Ask, and it will be given you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.  
Unity Thought
"Where the mind goes, energy flows..." Rev. Martha Guidicci
"...and manifestation follows" 
Rev. Alicia-Leslie
Blessings To You!
Okay...trick subject line. Your bank account will not be charged, and you will not be receiving some kind of product you did not order in the mail. However... before you heave a sigh of relief, you may want to consider this: With every thought you hold in mind, rolling it over in your head and heart, you ARE placing and order of sorts with God; the Universe, through the "Law of Mind Action." (key word: HOLD)
God...the very agreeable and responsive to our declarations, or "orders." If our constant, repeated thought is "I don't have enough time," "I am so lonely," or "I just can't get out of debt," the Universe...Spirit...God will agree. "Ok, I agree with you and provide circumstances that will reinforce your self-fulfilling prophecy." If we want to change what we are receiving, we need to change the "orders" we are placing with Spirit.
One day my  mom saw a television commercial for a cute little baby doll. It said the doll would "move just like a newborn." With great excitement she purchased the doll for my granddaughter. She was horrified when the doll arrived, to see that the "movement" of the doll was the result of putting your fingers into the arms, feet and head and wiggling them. It was actually a doll-puppet. Had she realized what she was ordering, she never would have ordered it.
Likewise in our own lives, I am certain if we had any idea what we were "ordering" with our thoughts and feelings, many times, we would cancel the order and make a better choice. And "cancel" is a perfect word here. A friend once taught me a very powerful affirmation to help me change my mind when it was going where I did not want it to go. The affirmation is: "Cancel and erase. Love, love, love!" It's almost magical!
As the favorite Unity song says, "Our thoughts are prayers, and we are always praying, Our thoughts are prayers, take charge of what you're saying." With that in mind, if praying is talking to God, and meditating is listening for God's response, what are our thoughts; our prayers, saying to God? What are we "ordering" from the Universe?
Think on these things...and all your orders be in Divine Order. RevAli


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