Meta-Musing ~ Relax! This is a Test.

 This is Only a Test! 
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Jer. 9:7 "Therefore thus says the LORD of hosts:
"Behold, I will refine them and test them,
for what else can I do, because of my people?"

"The test of Truth is that it satisfies both the logic of the Mind and the longing of the Heart.
Charles Fillmore 

Blessings to You!
Have you every wondered if God is testing you? Like, when you make the decision to save money, only to find that every great sale and opportunity to spend comes flying in at you?
Or if you firmly decide that you will NOT argue with your children... or parents, or spouse, etc. only to find that exact person...or persons...start tap-dancing on your last nerve?  
How about when you decide to go on a diet only to be ambushed by cake, cookies, lasagna; invitations to go to dinner, or your mom makes your favorite dish, "just for you," and you just can't find it in your heart to hurt her feelings by saying "No." you think God is testing you? Or "the devil" is tempting you? The answer to that question is both "yes," and "no."
God does not "test" us in the way we might think. And "the devil," or our lower, carnal nature has no real power over us. However, the Universe, God, Spirit, whatever you choose to call that "larger than thou" IS giving us the opportunity to exercise our spiritual muscle and to demonstrate that we have overcome the "gravitational pull" of the earthly self.
When we were in school, the teacher would regularly test us for mastery of the subject we were studying. Contrary to what we felt or thought, they were not doing it to torment or embarrass us, rather to show what we had mastered. AND...where we needed more knowledge, experience or practice.
In Unity we have a favorite statement, "Whenever we declare something to be true for ourselves, all that is unlike it comes up for healing." Healing is the key word here. Whatever it is that "triggers" the action, reaction, thought, feeling or belief unlike what we want, must be healed before we can move on.
The healing can be experienced as both the mind and heart are harmony. This is the test of Truth. 
This is the perfect time to put our "money where our mouth is" as it were. This is the time to put our practice where our principle is. This is the time to put the FIRM in our AfFIRMations.
So...the next time you find yourself in such a position, I invite you to stand firmly on your declaration. KNOW that you are the master of your life; that the higher power within you guides and directs the rest...not the other way around! 
Feel the power! RevAli 
At Spirit of Unity Church and Spiritual Life Center, our mission is to "Touch hearts and change lives by learning, living and sharing the Universal Principles of Truth as taught by Jesus Christ." It is our prayer that this message touched your heart, and your life has been enhanced by it.

Rev. Alicia-Leslie
Spirit of Unity Church