My $5.00 Therapist 
"The Mind of Peace Precedes All Healing." Charles Fillmore, Co-founder of Unity
Blessings to you! 
While, of course I know and believe the very best route to peace of mind and healing is prayer, meditation and practicing the powerful principles of Truth, I also know that God is everywhere present, and heals in countless ways. God is my banker, God is my physician, God is my therapist! This is not to say that we do not need bankers and physicians and therapists. As I said in an earlier article, God works through them also. God IS everywhere present; working in and through them as well.
So...back to my $5.00 therapist. Some days when life seems challenging, when things are not moving in the direction I would like them to, or at the pace I would like them to; or if I feel frustrated or sad I visit my $5.00 therapist. Last week I had such a time. So off I went.
 The sessions with my "therapist" are held in the dark. My therapist almost magically calms my mind and teaches me about life, and living a good life. My "therapist" feeds my heart and mind. Oh...and while I am there, for a few more dollars I can feed my body.
"What kind of therapist is this?" you may ask. is the Spirit of Love, Life, Light and Truth expressing in movies!  Feeling funky last week I went to see the latest "Harry Potter" movie. Through the magic of movies I became a student at Hogwart's Academy. I was 17 again anticipating my first kiss. I battled "evil" and won. I laughed. I cried. I waved my wand, and mixed magical potions. I emerged refreshed, renewed, and ready to face whatever life had to offer.
In the course of my life I have had a number of sessions with credentialed professionals who have helped me to sort things out. I would seek one out again if I felt the need. But for now...when I need that "$5.00 therapy" I know right where to go!  I head for the theater, steeped in the fragrance (and crunch) of popcorn and effervescence of coke'n'lemonade (my personal favorite).
At the heart of the movies is the "Hero's Journey," the call to adventure, facing the unknown, danger, victory, possible death...and then rebirth to the next adventure. Each of us lives the "Hero's Journey." The hero's journey is the metaphysical pattern, the principle of Spiritual Evolution...the call to and attainment of Spiritual Mastery; Christhood; Oneness.
 We are all called to the Hero's Journey.  Meaningful movies resonate with the vibration of that call, the victory of the hero teaches us and reminds us that we, too, can be the heroes of our own lives.
Now, I must add here, that selecting the right movie is critical. There are "charlatans" out there that will bring you lower than you were when you walked in. So...keys to successful selection: look for words "uplifting," "inspired," "hilarious," "heartwarming." Avoid words like "terrifying," "gory," and "provocative." are you thinking "Who is she trying to kid...$5.00...yeah, right! Well, I have reached the point in my life of qualifying for the Senior Rate. Woohoo! Yet another perk of long life!
Always remember you may have to grow up...but you NEVER have to grow old!  RevAli 
In His love and light,

Spirit of Unity Church
Romans 12:2
 Do not be conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that you may prove what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect.  
 Prov. 17:22
 A cheerful heart is a good medicine,
but a downcast spirit dries up the bones.