The First Law of Unlimited Abundance
Blessings to You!
You may or may not have heard the statement "We are Spiritual Beings living in a Spiritual Universe, governed by Spiritual Law." This powerful statement is the key to opening the door to every good thing...yes...even the Kingdom of Heaven right here on Earth!
If you want to know the First Law of Abundance, just look around you! The First Law of Abundance is the Law of Circulation. You will note in the heading of today's thought there is the "recycle" symbol. This symbol perfectly defines the Law of Circulation, which can be stated: "As you give, so shall you receive," and I add, "and as you receive so shall you give."
If you are not experiencing abundance in your life...abundance of all good things...chances are you are blocked in either giving or receiving. This is the LAW...principle...that which is absolute, eternal and unchanging. It cannot fail.
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The blockage in giving or receiving can be in either our thoughts or our feelings. We can intellectually understand the law of giving; of broadcasting our seed; of fertilizing our garden; of priming our pump, but if we don't both know it in our minds and feel it confidently in our hearts, we are blocked. Any thought or fear of depletion as we give can block the flow of good going out and coming back to us. Likewise we can feel a desire to give, but if we are harboring thoughts contrary to giving, anything questioning who or what we are giving to, or if it is "logical" to give, we are blocking our good.
Likewise with receiving. We may want to receive, and know intellectually we deserve to receive, understanding that we give freely and joyfully, but again...if we have feelings of unworthiness or fear about our ability or  the need to reciprocate, we have blocked the flow of good. Conversely, if we feel deserving and are open to receive, but there are thoughts that we have not done enough, or that abundance would be too good to be true, etc. there is the block!
The good news is we can each change our mind and change our experience! Here are some ideas for changing your thinking/feeling:
Giving - Block in feeling: Affirm with feeling: God is my constant, abundant, unlimited source of all good. Observe God's abundance, breathe the air with gratitude. Call to mind how you feel about giving to your own children and how good you feel inside when you do. How could God not feel as good when giving to His children? Clean your closets and cupboards and start giving. Give good items you no longer use, even re-gifting gifts that just did not "fit" who you are. It is better for them to be in the hands of someone who will enjoy them and put them to use.
Giving - Block in thinking: Affirm with feeling: Freely I give, freely I receive. Relax and be open. Think about how the soil receives water freely. Ponder the good you have given and your generous nature. Make a gratitude list of the good that you already have. Write notes of appreciation to those who have blessed you. Practice giving. Give of your time. Give of your talent. Give of your abundance. Tithe.
Receiving - Block in feeling: Affirm:"I am open and receptive to my good." Start every day visualizing receiving abundance with joy. You do not need to feel the need to return the good...just live a life of generosity.
Receiving - Block in thinking: Affirm: "As I receive with joy, I bless the giver and the gift." Read books on prosperity, particularly Charles Fillmore's "Prosperity," which is available online for free. Click this link to read for yourself. 
For both thinking and feeling observe God's abundance flowing through the law of circulation. Everything in nature circulates. Through circulation everything is renewed, refreshed, replenished and abundant; giving and receiving in a continuous flow. So...Jump on in to the flow! The "water" is great.
Abundantly, Opulently,
Rev. Alicia Leslie
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