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Do you know your "PQ?" Are you wondering what the heck a "PQ" is, and whether or not you even have one? AND...if it even matters! Well, as far as I am concerned it is not only important, it is essential! Your PQ is your PLAY Quotient. You may be aware of what your "IQ" score is...but what is your "PQ" score? And why is it essential? Well, let me tell you what I think...
Last weekend was our dance recital. As a friend of mine and I were walking up the steps from the Ladies' Room, we were observing the zeal and enthusiasm of the children bouncing up and down the stairs, flipping cartwheels and hanging upside down from the railings. My friend said, "Oh...to be young again...if only we could have that energy. If only we could bounce up and down the stairs like that."
Well, I think that the reason many folks can't is that they are out of practice; they have forgotten the sheer joy of play...not "vacation" or "special event" play, but play as a daily activity. I feel that somewhere along the way some of us bought into the error thought that we were too grown up for play. When we stop playing, our mental, emotional and physical faculties fall into atrophy. It is then that we face the choice of growing up, or growing old. Growing up, means the ability to enjoy our childlike nature tempered by the wisdom of maturity.
The IQ a score determined by the outcome of standardized tests to measure intelligence. Experts say that the IQ has increased steadily at a rate of 3 points per decade since the start of the 20th Century. I would venture to guess that the "PQ" has decreased at the same rate, based on my observations of life "then" and "now." In the years since my birth both the nature and method of play have changed significantly.
"Then," most play was more social and physical. It was done with others. "Now" all too often play is solitary and sedentary. Age-wise, "Then" things like running, skipping, playing duck-duck-goose or, seeing lions, dragons and angels in clouds was a normal activity stimulating the imagination. "Now," such things are too often seen as time-wasting and frivolous. (sigh!)
Today, even what we call "play" is structured and stressful, like running children from one activity to another (oftentimes selected by the parent), or for adults it is observing rather than participating in activities. If you observe children at "real" play, you will see them letting their imagination and curiosity guide them, acting out roles they dream of playing as adults. While too much play, like "too much" of anything is detrimental to our good...too little is more the 'norm' today.
Charles Fillmore, co-founder of Unity would, on occasion, stop all work on the Unity Village campus, calling everyone out of their offices on lovely days for an impromptu afternoon of picnicking and fun. As a result, employees were especially joyful, creative and loyal to their job and their employer. Imagine if that happened at YOUR place of business!  
When Charles Fillmore was 93 years old he said, "I fairly sizzle with zeal and enthusiasm as I spring forth with a mighty faith to do that which is to be done by me." WooHoo! That is a man who knew how to play! Do you? Play has a great purpose in our lives. It stimulates our minds, increases creativity, exercises our imagination, strengthens our bodies and helps us to live more positive and healthy lives.
Here's an "unofficial" PQ test: Answer the following statements "True" or "False."
1. I spend time daily in some form of unstructured play. (singing silly songs, imagining and daydreaming count as well as doodling
2. I do some sort of physical activity each day just for the fun of it (dance, walk, skip, run...double points for skipping!).
3) I let my imagination lead me and do some sort of creative activity on a weekly basis.
4) I laugh every day.
5) I play games with others regularly (board games, guessing games, word games, cards, etc.).
6) I participate in a sport I love regularly (watching does not count).
If you did not answer "True" to at least 4 of the statements, you may want to "boost" your PQ. How easy can it be to enhance your life!? If you can bring to mind, one of your favorite childhood "play" activities...and you haven't done it in some time...why not give it a try today? I personally have some "Jacks" I am ready to dust off.
Now...go play! It's a good thing. RevAli
Rev. Alicia-Leslie
Spirit of Unity Church