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January 2012 
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Point of View  
With Employee Owner
Maria Rios-Zapien

"Gardeners' Guild is like family to me.  When I returned after taking time off after having my baby - it was like the space here was held for me.   


I really enjoy working with interior plants.  It is especially enjoyable working with the customers.  I'm so proud of the PIA award I received!"


Maria is our interior tech.  We appreciate her  hard work,  attention to detail and the care that she takes in each job she does.  She was recognized in 2006 by the Plantscape Industry Alliance as their tech of the year! 




See the video on our Sustainable Program!





Happy New Year!   


Last year flew by and we are moving through January like a freight train.  For the last few weeks, we've been speculating here about when it would rain.  Until now.  Thank goodness the bay area has received a good soaking.  


Rain, or lack of it always begs the topic of water conservation.   We think there will never be too much emphasis on going "green".  Not "green-washing" but a real commitment to sustainable practices.  Gardeners' Guild has been beating that drum for thirty years
and we're glad it has caught on.


We are always uncovering more organizations and movements within the bay area and the state who are making a difference by doing two simple things: setting an example and educating.   


One of our employee-owners, Daniel Levy, will be speaking at one such organization's event - EcoLandscape California's annual conference, January 28th.    


EcoLandscape is committed to educating industry professionals and the general public.  They want to make a difference.  And, so, this month we are profiling them.  See below. 


All the best,
Suzanne Harris

Their Background and Contributions

EcoLandscape California non-profit organization in the Sacramento region which is trying to make  a difference in how we approach landscape and gardening practices. They were incorporated in September 2007 as an educational organization and currently focus on education and advocacy to promote sustainable practices to landscape professionals, public agencies and the general public.


For several years since 2003, EcoLandscape has produced an annual conference designed to promote ecological landscape practices through speakers and workshops.  


This year the conference has been named "Eco Evolution - the New California Landscape".  The theme is to lead by example and they are highlighting companies who have developed successful business models based on sustainable programs.  The conference is January 28th.

Professionals in the landscape industry are encouraged to attend as there will be a wealth of information on water conservation, storm water run-off problems, resource conservation, pesticide and fertilizer reduction.  They will focus on - how to offer sustainable solutions and be profitable.

"How to be profitable" is a important topic for landscape professionals.   In spite of the increasing publicity about the benefits of sustainable practices, there is still a lot of education needed.  Probably more people would invest the additional dollars in programs if they understood their value and return on investment.  The advantages - of water conservation, cleaner water, air, fuel reduction and the satisfaction of doing the right thing are priceless.

Check out EcoLandscape California's website: