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Propane - Eco Friendly Fuel

September 2011 
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Point of View  

Employee Owner

Angela Wrath



"I have always loved being in nature. It is where I find beauty and am most at peace. Ialso love to be creative, making things for others to enjoy.


Gardeners' Guild satisfies this love of nature and design as well as allowing me to build strong friendships with clients and fellow employee owners. I will never forget when I came back to work after an extended vacation and

I heard the words 'Welcome Home'."


Angela is our interior Account Manager.  She is Landscape Industry Certified, Bay Friendly Certified and has 17 years expertise at GGI.   She is also an award winning designer!  










See the video on our Sustainable Program!






Much of the focus of emissions from internal combustion engines over the years has been directed at the automobile. 
But, as new research has emerged, the spotlight has now shifted toward smaller gasoline powered engines and equipment whose contributions to greenhouse gases are equally damaging to the environment. 
Read on for a story on what we learned upon researching and making the change to propane.   


All the best,
Suzanne Harris

About Gasoline Powered Equipment

At Gardeners' Guild we always look for new ways to reduce our carbon footprint.  In the course of doing some research we came upon data about gasoline powered equipment that convinced us that we needed to transition our mowers to Propane fuel.


Below was one of the most compelling factors in our decision:


A conventional lawn mower pollutes as much in an hour as 20 late model cars for an hour.



The Facts about Propane


Most of us know of Propane as the white container attached to the barbecue grill.  And over the years it has proven itself to be a versatile option for home heating, gas fireplaces, clothing dryers and as alternative fuel for vehicles.


Here's what we found about Propane:


  • It is domestically  produced; reduces our dependence on foreign oil. 
  • It is non-toxic and odorless
  • Reduces carbon monoxide emissions 80%
  • It is quieter
  • It prolongs the life of an engine
  • It is not harmful to soil if spilled on the ground

We have begun to transition our mowers to Propane fuel.  It was a big investment but the facts told us that it was the right thing to do for the environment.  


And, Gardeners' Guild is the only bay area landscape contractor to be using Propane Fuel!  


We will keep you posted on the next phase of our process.


A Hotel for Plants? 
Yes it's true!  A shopping center in Madrid conducted a one month 
campaign this summer offering full services for house plants
while travelers were on vacation.  Plants were looked after by a
team of professionals.  
All guests were given services that suit their needs: including pruning, 
light and spraying.  There were even security cameras so customers could 
be sure that their plants are not being neglected. The campaign goal 
was to drive more shoppers.
We hope it was successful!