The Guild Report:
July 2011  A Tribute to Cory Crossgrove
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Cory Crossgrove

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Cory Crossgrove, Certified Landscape Irrigation Auditor (CLIA); Master Water Auditor (MWA), was a gifted irrigation designer, technician and teacher. He joined Gardeners' Guild in 1994.

He was responsible for designing and implementing all water management functions at Gardeners' Guild.  His expertise included over 21 years mapping, designing, repairing and installing irrigation systems; as well as developing water efficient management systems to improve water conservation.  Cory was  a Member of Irrigation Association and the Center for Irrigation Technology, CSU Fresno.  Among his chief accomplishments were:  




Cory's Sister and Brother


Cory sister and brother

Bay Friendly



I have the bittersweet opportunity of composing this month's newsletter in honor of one of our long time employees, Cory Crossgrove, who passed away July 22nd.  Cory was our irrigation specialist - but that title seems limiting. His talents were greater than that; he was also a teacher, trainer and mentor.  I didn't know him well but I feel much better acquainted after talking to many employees who worked with him. 


His technical brilliance aside, Cory was a unique personality whose humor and generosity touched many lives throughout the seventeen years he spent here.  We felt it was fitting to express our profound appreciation by highlighting some facets of his life and achievements.


All the best,

Suzanne Harris  



Quotes about Cory's Legacy

Gardeners' Guild President Kevin Davis -   

"Cory helped us establish our water management and irrigation programs.  He was on the leading edge of technology.  In fact, he did consulting work and beta testing of the early  stages of smart controller development.

He was a mentor to many of our technicians; trained them thoroughly to troubleshoot and repair.  I would marvel at how Cory achieved the cleanest irrigation repair work that I had ever seen.  It was always precise and to the highest standard.  And,  thanks to him, those standards are in practice today at Gardeners' Guild."

Construction Division Operations Manager, Kip Matthews -  

"You listened to Cory because what he said was interesting and he knew what he was talking about.  Conversely, Cory was intensely interested in what others at Gardeners' Guild were doing.  He loved to teach and taught all of us.  His design work was precise...if you drew something on a cocktail napkin he could translate it into a complete and precise landscape irrigation plan!"


Director of Business Development, Paul Swanson -  "Cory was the go to person on the latest water conservation legislation.  He taught our staff the importance of precision in the profession of plumbing and the art or irrigation troubleshooting.  When Cory would say six simple words - 'you are back up and running' - clients often felt they were words from heaven."


Former Gardeners' Guild Owner, Linda Novy

"I will always remember his wry humor, his love of the color red (he always wore GGI tshirts if available in red)... and that whenever he was involved with a project I knew it would be performed correctly.  He really knew his stuff." 


Account Manager, Brian O'Hara -

"About his background...a lot of people don't know that Cory had a degree in engineering.  But, he found over time that he preferred doing the actual irrigation work more than architectural renderings.  Cory was one of the first to go through the irrigation association's certification program.  In fact he helped build the association's training facility.  Something I'll always remember him saying was - 'do your installation such that the person behind you can tell it was done by a professional.'"    




Cheers to Cory
On Monday, July 25th friends, family and Gardeners' Guild employees gathered at a local restaurant to celebrate his life - as Cory requested.  Going forward many of us said we will now ask ourselves, "what would Cory do?"