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June 2011   New Irrigation Technology
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Point of View    

Employee Owner
Jose Moreno 

Jose Moreno

The California Landscape Contractor's Association's (CLCA) Industry Certification program has transformed me into a true professional. When I first took the test in 2000, I had no idea what an impact it would have on my life. My involvement with the program didn't end there. I began volunteering as a judge for each test and soon worked my way up to Judges Technical Advisor and am now the State Certification Chairman. The experience of helping other landscape professionals to get certified and helping to better our industry has been extremely rewarding. I value the friendships I have made and the experiences I have had. This program is one worth striving for!


Jose Moreno, CLT has been with Gardeners' Guild since 1998 and we appreciate his leadership! 



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There are some new irrigation products out in the marketplace we thought would be worth highlighting this month.   

They are among several which are inexpensive investments that will save water.

Have a Happy and Safe Fourth of July!

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Suzanne Harris
Smarter Irrigation Controllers



Now you can save money and have the advantage of a smart controller technology with a new product by ET Water, called the Hermit Crab. It converts a conventional controller to a smart controller.  The Hermit Crab plugs into existing controller via its remote control access port.  Pat  McIntyre, ET Water's CEO, says the Hermit has the capacity for 48 stations.  

Hermit Crab


As the market becomes more competitive, smart controller manufacturers continue to produce a newer crop of intelligent controllers.  They now can be linked to smart phones as well as PCs!


Leading industry figures say that the next step is the marriage of soil moisture and evapotranspiration technologies in one product!



Hydropoint has announced an upgrade to their internet management application that provides on demand remote control access to their smart irrigation controllers.  The upgrade now provides real time remote troubleshooting and diagnostics, intelligent site reports and centralized account and site management.  They have also enhanced the user interface.

Precision Rotating Nozzles


Toro has developed a line of nozzles that use what is called

H20 Chip technology.  Their Precision Series Spray Nozzles feature 35% lower flow rates, larger and more uniform droplet size but using a third less water.   It's similar to the way most windshield wiper fluid gets sprayed on to windshields in many automobiles   


Their Precision Series Rotating Nozzle is based on the design of the word's leading gear driven rotor for golf applications. Toro says that the product is ideal for maintaining turf in small to medium size lawns.  They deliver wind-resistant, multi-stream and multi-trajectory water patterns.  It delivers water more slowly and evenly at a rate that soil can take in; minimizing runoff.  Toro says they can provide up to 40% reduction in water use. 


  New Spray Nozzles


Going Hiking this Holiday Weekend?


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