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May 2011  A Healing Garden for Homeless Veterans     
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Point of View       

With Employee Owner

Ginny Kuhel     

Ginny Kuhel

"Gardeners' Guild is perfect fit for my love of people, team work and educational endeavors.  Being employee owned, I receive the support I need to sit on county boards, attend Chamber of Commerce events, and participate in community projects.  After recently completing the Bay Friendly training program, I gained a better understanding of how hard our employees work."  

Ginny Kuhel, Director of Human Resources/Safety Officer is on our Leadership Team, Board and has been with us since 2002.   We appreciate her enthusiasm and tireless involvement with the community! 




Below Photo:

Daniel is top left

Fernando bottom center.

 Daniel & His Crew

See the video on LivingSolutions!!




Many veterans have a difficult time after returning from combat. Unemployment and post-traumatic stress are common stressors and put veterans at risk for homelessness.  In fact, there is a greater rate of homelessness among veterans than civilians.  

The North Bay Veterans Resource Center, Santa Rosa, provides much needed services including transitional housing for homeless vets.  One of our employees, Daniel Levy, has been involved in installing a healing garden at one of the housing units.

As Memorial Day approaches, it seemed like a fitting topic for this month's newsletter.

All the best,

Suzanne Harris

The Healing Garden Project


What is a healing garden?   


Environmental psychologist Roger Ulrich states that a healing garden should have therapeutic or beneficial effects on the great majority of its users.  Most of us will agree that gardens of all types have a calming and rejuvenating effect on the psyche. Healing gardens require a bit more care in terms of design.  They need to be functional to accommodate physical limitations.  Other healing attributes include - ease of maintenance, environmentally sound and the obvious, pleasing to the eye.  Experts say that plants with medicinal value, that engage the senses with a variety of textures, scents and colors are especially beneficial.  See the University of Minnesota website for more information.    


Our Project  


Daniel says they are in the beginning stages of the installation which includes crushed rock, brick pathways; apple, pear and plum trees and, irrigation.  Plans also include 140 feet  of hedges to attract beneficial insects and pollinators.  They will also be planting vegetables, strawberries and herbs. To engage the senses further, a water feature installation is being installed.   


About twelve to fifteen volunteers have been actively involved in doing the work, along with Daniel.  One of them is Fernando Delatorre, a Crew Leader who works with Daniel at one of our sites, Spring Lake Village, Santa Rosa.  Spring Lake Village was the catalyst who got Gardeners' Guild involved.  See photo on the left of Daniel and his crew.   



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