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September 2010    Bay Friendly Conference 
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Point of View
With Employee Owner
Ismael Polanco

Ismael Polenco

Among the many hats that Ismael Polanco wears is being the first point of contact for callers, as well as fulfilling a vital role in troubleshooting IT problems.  He is a self-taught natural for all things technical and we have come to rely on his expertise and good humor.

 "I am blessed to be a member of the Gardeners' Guild family. I've grown a lot in my six years here.  I started as an Administrative Assistant to the "does it all" guy and I love every part of it!"


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For anyone not familiar, Bay Friendly is a non profit coalition which promotes sustainable landscape and gardening practices in the bay area.  They provide landscape industry professionals trainings; home gardeners classes and a myriad of educational publications.

Their 2010 conference was a full day of informative presentations on aspects of sustainable landscaping with an emphasis on water conservation.  There were a few talks on quantifying the benefits of sustainable landscapes.  Below is something you can do to better understand the cost and environmental benefits of urban trees. 

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Suzanne Harris
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Can Money Actually Grow on Trees?

Not exactly, but here is some food for thought.

The Arbor Day Foundation has something called the Tree Benefit Calculator enabling anyone to estimate the environmental and monetary benefits of trees in our urban environments.

Click here to try it!  Enter your zip code, type of tree, its width and it will calculate the benefits by air quality, natural gas, electricity and property value.

Trees "pay" for themselves by -
  • Filtering airborne pollutants
  • Removing atmospheric carbon dioxide
  • Reducing stormwater runoff
  • Increasing the value of our properties
  • By shading buildings and paved surfaces they conserve energy
Photo below is courtesy of the Arbor Day Foundation
Diagram of Tree Benefits
Bite-sized takeaways from the conference

Worth Checking Out:

National Geographic's Issue on water.  See their website.

"Flow" Documentary film on water in theaters this fall. See trailer.

"Living Downstream" - Documentary film about cancer and its environmental links

Worth Noting :
  • 30-58% of our nation's drinking water is used to irrigate crops
  • Rain catchment systems in Brisbane Australia have reduced potable water usage by 40%.
  • Having a 3" layer of mulch in your garden can reduce water usage by 20%.
Water Image

Are You Within Contra Costa's Water District? 

It is one of the few districts still offering rebates on irrigation equipment and on smart irrigation controllers.

Click on the links below for more information.

Commercial Irrigation Equipment Rebates
Smart Irrigation Controller Rebates (both residential and commercial)