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July 2010    Which is better? Drip or Spray Irrigation?
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Drip Irrigation System
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Point of View
With Employee Owner
Andrew Guliaeff, CLT
Operations Manager
"Andrew has been with Gardeners' Guild since 1981; 29 years. 
He talks about what he likes most about his job.

"When I first started at Gardeners' Guild there were only six employees.  From that time, I've watched people grow up right before my eyes.  I  take pride in  the  of training our people.  Proper training is very important to me and it sets us apart from other companies.

Gardeners' Guild has always felt like a family to me.  It's one of the reasons I've stayed all these years"

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July is Smart Irrigation month; a public awareness campaign to promote efficient water use.  During this month more water is used for irrigation than any other time, and why we're focusing the newsletter on this topic - with  facts on drip vs. spray irrigation.

The Irrigation Association is an industry membership organization dedicated to water management.  It has a wealth of information for consumers on irrigation and water management.

All the best,
Suzanne Harris
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Quick Facts on Drip Irrigation


Considered by industry experts to be the most efficient method.  Water is applied directly to the base of the plant, where it is needed

As a result
Less water is lost due to evaporation and wind drift

Minimizes soil nutrient loss

Foliage remains dry, minimizing the risk of disease


When a drip system is not functioning properly, it is not easy to spot and requires a thorough inspection

Where Drip Works Best:
Narrow landscaped areas
Spaces that are irregularly shaped
Where over spray is not allowed
Any area with ground cover of different sized plants

Quick Facts on Spray Irrigation


It is easier to spot malfunctions
Covers wide area

In hot weather, the water can evaporate before it hits the ground
Because it is not applied directly, it wastes water
Over watering of foliage, making them susceptible to disease

Where Drip Works Best:
Large bed and turf areas
Large planting area of similarly sized plants


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Property Owners and Managers
Are you looking to upgrade to Smart controller technology but afraid of the cost?  There are new products on the market that can upgrade your existing controller at a fraction of the price. 

ET Water has a new product that could be of interest.
Hydropoint - maker of WeatherTRAK is also a quality product.  Their website also has a wealth of information including a white papers with in depth information about this technology and its benefits.

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