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May 2010   Special Report on Earth Day!
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Point of View
With Employee Owner
Paul Swanson

Paul S EarthDay 2010

"This Earth day was a wonderful opportunity to get out to several locations throughout the bay area to support our customers, the communities we work in and promote sustainable practices.  It is especially rewarding when we get the opportunity to work with children in the garden, to see their interest and the fun they have with the plants, and the soil."         

Paul is our Director of Business Development and Landscape Industry Certified

More Earth Day Activities

Agilent Campus
Earth Day Festival


People enjoyed the
sheep and goats


Fireman's Fund Campus Earth Day Festival

This was a big Earth Day year for Gardeners' Guild and we wanted to share it with you! 

In addition to a volunteer project which benefited the Richmond Public Library we participated in a planting project at a San Francisco park, had staff answer questions about smart irrigation, sustainability and managed grazing at two of our corporate campus clients' Earth Day Festivals.

All the best,
Suzanne Harris
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Richmond Public Library Garden Renovation

Working with the Library we planned an Earth Day event that  involved students from a local organization called "Making Waves".  The project was to renovate planter beds and prepare them for vegetable planting.



Starting at 7am a crew of volunteers from Gardeners' Guild arrived at the Richmond Public Library to begin!  The first step was- weeding, soil amendment, and irrigation repair.  To amend the soil we used a certified organic product called worm castings.   And, to improve existing irrigation, micro-sprinklers were installed. 


We brought an assortment of seasonal vegetable starts that were ready to go when students from Making Waves arrived at 4pm.

After a brief lesson on planting, the students quickly got involved in the project and the time sailed by!  A photographer from the West County Times came and took pictures.
By 5:30 students were smiling and most all plants were happily in the ground.  

About Making Waves

The Making Waves Education Program is a tutoring and teaching program in Richmond that begins in the fifth grade with follow-up support through the college years.  The goal is to ensure that our youth acquires the skills necessary to gain acceptance to and graduate from four-year colleges and universities.

Here is what our clients say about our sustainable program - LivingSolutions:

..."the color out in the plaza looks great.  The orange "stemy" flowers are out in full force right now and it looks great.  Must be that new soil we're working into the mix! "

123 Mission Plaza, San Francisco

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