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In the last Newsletter I opened with "If these first two months are any indication, 2011 looks to be a busy and rewarding year!"  WOW, how nice to see some promise after the last couple of years.  Our new friends Scot and Marilyn Miller of Sun to Moon Gallery in Dallas hosted us for a few days in the Texas "Hill Country" - roughly between San Antonio and Austin.  LBJ country.  Happily, I had opportunity to do some
4x5 work at the LBJ Ranch with some amazingoaks jbj
old oaks.

See below for info on a final resolution to the "Lost Ansel Adams Plates" issue, some cautionary comments regarding presentation and preservation supply orders, and definite dates for workshops in Puglia, Italy and Road Trip - Utah-2011!  A new links page on my site and a new silver paper from Ilford!

Newsy and Noteworthy

The Ansel Adams Trust and Norsigian Group Settlement 

Regarding "The Lost Ansel Adams Plates: Reading in part:

"March 15, 2011

The parties have now agreed to resolve these disputes and have entered into a confidential settlement agreement in which each side assumes its own costs and fees in connection with the claims. Under said agreement, Rick Norsigian and PRS Media agree to not use Ansel Adams' name or likeness or the ANSEL ADAMS trademark in connection with the sales, promotion or advertisement of negatives, prints, posters, or other merchandise based on negatives. Norsigian and PRS Media may continue to sell negatives, prints, posters and other merchandise associated with negatives, subject to a disclaimer approved by The Trust, and provided they do so in a manner consistent with state and federal law."  See the full text.

Growing Concerns over Ordering from Light Impressions

I ordered some negative envelopes and mylar folders on-line back in January.  As of a week ago still no sign of product, so I called.  After at least 20 minutes in phone limbo I finally got someone on the line and was told, yes, the items were still back-ordered but they had no idea when they would be in stock, maybe mid April.  I asked about Apollo Tissue interleaving, and no, they didn't have any of that either.  I did some checking and it turns out they charged my card back in January - even though they had no product to ship.   Tried twice to call yesterday and just got busy signals.  See recent postings on Photo.net for more info.

June Workshop in Puglia, Southern Italy! June 18-22

The region has some amazing architecture and wonderful landscapes that I would love to explore with you.  Color and Digital welcome! See my workshops page for details!


Utah Road Trip - September 11-17


The last few road trips have taken us through Northern New Mexico, Colorado and the Four Corners area and we've had some magnificent scenery and photo opps.  But, it's time for a change of scenery so for 2011 it's Utah! Details.

Tech Tips and Observations

New Links Page on my Site


I have finally created a LINKS page in the Blog section of my site where you can find connections to some of my galleries, reliable suppliers, and other fun, useful, or interesting resources.  I plan to update it regularly.

New Paper from Ilford


This info forwarded from workshop alum Bonner Guilford.  Sounds like they are making a silver paper that is supposed to wind up looking like an inkjet!?  Certainly piques my curiosity!  In any event, congrats to Ilford/Harmon for adding something new to the analog world!  See the full release here.


"This silver gelatine paper is a true fine art product and we were delighted when Hahnemühle agreed to help us by producing a special paper base. The brief was clear, 100% cotton rag paper base, acid free but with the wet strength needed to survive the archival washing required when making fine art prints - all of which have been met'


The new surface delivers a matt fine art print that has both a texture and what some users have described as an eggshell sheen. Compared to ILFORD FB (baryta) papers slightly shorter wash times are achieved, and the paper can easily be handled in large sheets thanks to its 300 GSM weight.

The product will be branded as ILFORD MULTIGRADE Art 300 and will be available in sizes from 5 x7 up to 20 x 24 inch packed in boxes of 10/15/30/50 sheets. (Roll size and availability to be announced soon.)"

Hazards of Digital 


I had just admonished a workshop group in Dallas that "There is nothing permanent about a digital image" on Friday March 4.  At the airport the following Sunday my MacBook's 250GB hard drive failed.  A trip to the Albuquerque Apple Store Genius Bar on Monday confirmed that, indeed, the drive was toast.  Fortunately, my Time Machine back-up from the week before fully restored all my software, files and settings to my shiny new MacBook Pro - but I DID lose some sent mail, a few files and all the digital snaps I had done and dumped into iPhoto from my little Nikon during the week I was away.  I am now inclined to leave images in the camera while traveling and save any modified images, new files and other on-the road stuff to a flash drive as interim back-up. Fortunately, my important work was on FILM!

That's it for now.  Email me with questions, comments, or what you've been up to, photographically or otherwise!  Until next month...or...

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