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I've just returned from another foray into the hundred-plus-year-old zinfandel vineyards of Sonoma and Napa, only days from the start of harvest.  The vines were heavy with foliage and dark purple grapes--a challenge for a vision in black-and-white. If the vines were anything from side-lit to front-lit they became an almost incomprehensible jumble of tone and texture.  Working with back-light I was able to reveal the form and character of the vines in semi-silhouette.  This exotic speciman looks to be doing the hula--or is it channeling Carmen Miranda?!

Closer to home, there is a touch of fall in the air and I am getting ready to head to Yosemite for an Ansel Adams Gallery workshop.  Below is an update on it and other workshops, as well as an update on some 4x5 film we all know and love.

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October 14-18 in Yosemite Crafting the Fine Black-and-White Photograph for the Ansel Adams Gallery.  October is a spectacular time of year in Yosemite - the "high country" is still open, the tourists are mostly gone, Cottonwoods and Aspens are turning color.  Right now we are short a good soul or more to be able to make this session a "go".    I believe we are holding the door open until September 16 or so.  Click the link above for more information or to register.

- May 17-24, 2010
It's official!  These dates are cast in concrete and we already have our first sign-ups!  If you love photography, food, wine, and travel, then join me for a week exploring photo opportunities in and around Siena, Italy!
Our itinerary will include stops in the Val D'Orcia and Le Crete, Chianti's medieval Castello di Brolio, Montalcino, San Gimignano and Volterra.  We have crafted the trip with photographers' needs in mind, which means we will be able to take all the time we want at each stop to make photographs.  There will be plenty of opportunity for instruction, demonstration and discussion on all topics photographic. This workshop is open to all formats and interests, from digital to large-format, color to black-and-white.
So that we really experience the full flavor of the area, we've also added some wine and (hopefully, cheese) tastings.  Who knows--it could help the photography, too!  

We need ten photographers for the tour and we seem to be already half-way there.  Non-photo-participant spouses and partners are welcome - International Seminar Design has put together a special package for an accompanying companion.  Click the link below for more!

See the details!

Open to all formats and interests - BW, Color, Digital.
Sunflowers, Laconda Amorosa 2003

April 26-30 2010: Lone Pine and Death Valley for the Ansel Adams Gallery.  Just planed - not yet on the Gallery's site.  Full moon on the dunes!  All formats - film, digital, color welcome!

Road Trip 2010: September 20-24 so we can take advantage of cooler weather, some fall color and kids back in school.  Mostly (?) camping so we can explore some out of the way places.  Spouses/partners, all formats, analog/digital welcome.  Stay tuned for pricing and sign-up info, or check the workshops page on my site.

October 11-15 in Yosemite Crafting the Fine Black-and-White Photograph for the Ansel Adams Gallery.



Got the official word recently from Eric Joseph, VP at Freestyle Photo, that the BW Fuji Acros 100 in QuickLoad packaging is history.  Word was that Fuji US wanted to offer the Acros in sheets as well as QL, but Fuji Japan said we can't have it both ways.  With the earlier demise of Kodak's ReadyLoad, it's film-holders from now on unless Fuji changes its mind.  They still offer color films in the QuickLoad format.

My recent testing of the Acros revealed nearly straight-line curve shape from Minus-1 through more than Plus-3 development in Xtol 1:1 - very seductive!  I have a good supply of TMax 100 on hand and need to re-test.  I'll let you know how the two compare in a future newsletter.

As always, thanks for your ongoing interest in and support of photography.  If you have any thoughts or suggestions for newsletter topics, let me know.  Coming soon:  my first-ever blog for large-format black-and-white enthusiasts.

Always remember, the Oh! Zone must be preserved!


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