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Northern California Minority Supplier Development Council NewsletterVol.6, Issue 4  August/September 2011
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:: The Four P's of Success
:: Announcing the NCMSDC Corporate Video Series
:: An Exclusive Inside Look at the National MSDC's Strategic Plan
:: Capital Region Outreach Event
:: Join Us in Welcoming Our New MBEs
:: Boost Your Exposure to Corporate Members Instantly
:: Taking Supplier Diversity to the Next Level
:: Best Procurement Practices & Key Performance Indicators of Leading Corporations
:: Annual Meeting & Holiday Luncheon
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:: NMSDC Regional Supplier of the Year Winners
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August/September 2011 Newsletter 

A Special Message from President Scott A. Vowels
The Four P's of Success: Patience, Persistence, Perseverance and...Personality

Scott (small version)


"If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs... If you can wait and not be tired by waiting...Yours is the Earth and everything that's in it." 

--Rudyard Kipling



As the pace of living accelerates due to technology and people's increasingly busy lives, it seems that the virtue of patience has all but disappeared. The result of this lack of patience is that almost every relationship becomes strained. In some cases, it can even be severed.


In the Supplier Diversity/Minority Business industry, we don't have a lot left if we can't rely on relationships. Technology has all but eliminated the ability to differentiate your product from your competitor's. There is no way to have the cheapest prices in the marketplace anymore, but on the flip side, your prices can't be too high, either. Therefore, high-quality relationships between you and your prospects/customers are a must to be successful...period.


A significant part of maintaining these relationships is patience. When patience between MBEs, Council Staff and/or Corporate Members no longer exists, things are said or actions are taken that are often regretted later. Due to emotions, these actions frequently destroy the relationships. The results are quite often catastrophic, usually ending with dissatisfied customers, hurt feelings, removal from consideration for future opportunities and a seriously damaged reputation not only with the Corporate Customer in question but often throughout the entire Minority Business Industry. I am not being overly dramatic; I have seen it happen. The Supplier Diversity network is very close-knit and word travels fast. In this situation you lose customers, lose referral opportunities and lose money. The question we must address, then, is: what can we do to minimize this loss of patience?

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Announcing the NCMSDC


Featuring Exclusive Interviews with 7 Major Corporations around topics like:


 Top Tips for MBE suppliers  

Why corporations utilize diverse suppliers

Why corporations join the NCMSDC network

How to Work Trade Shows & Business Expos 

The value of NCMSDC's Corporate Member Committee Meetings  

And more!


Videos Filmed by InfoYogi, LLC, a certified MBE

Special Thanks to Shashi Kumar for volunteering his time & services!

Videos Produced by NCMSDC


Click here for our new Corporate Video Series


*For Corporate Members ONLY* 

An Exclusive Inside Look at the National MSDC's Strategic Plan  

Corporate Members Committee Meeting

*For Corporate Members ONLY*


September 1, 2011 - 12-2pm PST

Attend In-Person or Online 



Marquis Miller 

NMSDC Vice President of Field Operations  


Join us to explore NMSDC's new initiatives and vision for the following areas:


Targeted Growth

Corporate Training & Education

Projected Technology Improvements

Corporate ROI

And more!


Note: Mr. Miller will be joining us virtually from New York, but NCMSDC will be streaming live video of him at our office.

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Not involved with the Committee?

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Capital Region Outreach Event

For Certified MBEs that need to reconnect & Non-Certified MBEs interested in learning more about certification


September 20, 2011 - 4:30-7pm PST

Location: TBD (Sacramento Area) 


Full Gourmet Spread Will Be Provided


Join us for an evening of networking with Corporate Member Representatives:


Union Bank - Brocade - Apple Inc. - HP - San Jose Water Company


Meet the NCMSDC Leadership Team and gain invaluable face time with Top Corporations committed to Supplier Diversity.


What You'll Learn:

Is minority certification right for your company?

What is the Corporate perspective regarding Supplier Diversity?

Sponsored by Freight Solution Providers


More Information 

Registration to Follow


Join Us in Welcoming Our New MBEs



Akamai Grocery Shopping and Delivery Service, LLC  

CCH - Courier Corporation of Hawaii 

 Closure Solutions, Inc. 

 Heartwood Studios 

 Morell Suppliers, Inc. 

 Omnibus Trading, dba Chef's Corner 

 Reef Development of Hawaii, Inc. 

 Synaptic Rigamortis, Inc. 

 Uniworld Omniport LLC, dba BBO Poker Tables LLC 



Alfa Promotions
Anthony M. Payne Real Estate
Bay Area TechWorkers, Inc.
California Builder Distributors
Garcia & Gurney, ALC
HEMC Environmental Management Corp.*
ISIS Healthcare Services, Inc.
Josephine's Janitorial and Cleaning
Proactive Technical Services, Inc.
Probelogic, Inc.
Serro, LLC
Surf Line Hawaii, dba Jams World
Urpan Technologies, Inc.
Vanir Construction Management, Inc.
Vanir Development Company, Inc.
Vanir Energy, LLC
Versa Shore, Inc.
Womp Works, LLC
York Telecom Corporation*
Zarc Recycling, LLC

*Reciprocal MBE   


If you would like to become a certified MBE, please visit us online at 


Boost Your Exposure to Corporate Members Instantly 

Learn How Corporations...

 Find you

Reach you

 View you  

Look for the perfect fit



News and Education Articles


Taking Supplier Diversity to the Next Level 


US Chamber of Commerce Small Business Nation



Why Does the Fed Have So Little Supplier Diversity? 


White House Launches Community Leaders Briefing Series  


SBA Hawaii Offers Small Business Owners Advanced Training 



Corporate MBE Training Event

Best Procurement Practices

& Key Performance Indicators of Leading Corporations

For Certified NCMSDC MBEs ONLY  


September 8, 2011 - 5:30-7:30pm PST 

Santa Clara Techmart



AT&T - Chevron - Lockheed Martin - Wells Fargo


Join us to learn about:

Key Performance Indicators

Basic Supplier Requirements

National vs Local Procurement Process

How Corporations Assist Diverse Suppliers

Top Reasons Corporations Remove Suppliers from the Procurement Chain

What MBEs Should Do If They Don't Win a Bid 


Sponsored by the MBE Input Committee


More Information

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Annual Meeting

& Holiday Luncheon

Save the Date


December 1, 2011 


At NCMSDC's 2011 Annual Meeting & Holiday Luncheon, attendees will participate in honoring the recipients of the year's corporate and Minority-owned Business Enterprise (MBE) Awards, and network with fellow MBEs & corporate members. The President, Board Chair, & MBE Input Committee Chair will also present the Council's strategic direction for 2012.


Sponsorship opportunities & registration forthcoming. 


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· You are unsure how to use your certification to tap into business opportunities
· You do not yet understand how to position your company to corporate buyers
· You find yourself pitching your MBE status as a begging point rather than a value add
· You want to break into the corporate supply chain but don't know how
· You do not understand the roles that primary & secondary contacts play in NCMSDC's database
· You want to learn how to access corporate portals and understand buyer expectations
· You don't understand why it can take years to become a corporate supplier
· You have been certified less than 8 months OR are a longtime but inactive MBE



Award Pic

NMSDC Regional

Supplier of the Year Winners


Class 2 - Way To Be Designs, LLC

Class 3 -  SearchPros Staffing, LLC 

Class 4 - D.W. Morgan Company, Inc.


Only 16 out of 16,000 NMSDC-certified MBEs were chosen and are now eligible to compete for the National Awards.

Please join us in congratulating the 3 MBEs that will be representing us at the NMSDC Awards in November! 


· How can I find out my NCMSDC password if I've forgotten it?
· If the sole contact for my company is no longer working here, what can my company do to add a new contact to our profile?
· If I get certified through NCMSDC, am I certified through the National Council?
· When do I have to recertify?
· Why haven't I been receiving any emails from NCMSDC?
· How can I get involved with NCMSDC?



UNCF Empower Me Tour 

Coming to Oakland in 2012

Created to empower a movement among young people, motivating them toward academic excellence, personal responsibility and fiscal health through relevant program content and celebrity engagement.

Target Audience

*Under-served college students, alumni, and administration: African-American, Hispanic, and Asian Pacific-Islander 

*Under-served students grades 7 to 12

*Parents, Educators & the Community at large


What They Will Learn

·Financial Education
·College Readiness
·Professional Development/Career Readiness
·Health and Wellness
·Service and Philanthropy


How You Can Get Involved 

UNCF will bring its nationwide "Empower Me Tour" to Oakland February 2012 to provide information on scholarships and other college readiness workshops for Bay Area middle school, high school and college students.  For more information about these and other opportunities including this year's UNCF Walk for Education visit or call 415-956-1018.

Success Stories:  

Technology Integration Group was named one of the Best of the Best Supplier Diversity Programs of 2011.  "It is a tremendous honor to be the only Minority-owned Business Enterprise recognized by Black EOE Journal for the 2011 Best of the Best Diversity Program," said Dwanna Jones, Manager, Diversity Programs.  "Our commitment  to partnering with diverse businesses and creating a bridge for opportunities through diverse channels for our account executives is a strategic imperative for the growth of our program and a valuable asset to the communities and the customers we serve." 


Akraya, Inc. featured in Profiles in Diversity Journal's July/August 2011 issue.  Sonu Ratra, President, offered thought leadership tips in her articles, "Walking the Long and Bumpy Road to Success as a Diversity Supplier" and "Peace through Business Mentorship Program."


Northbound LLC has launched its Teen Mentor program, which will assist young teenagers in gaining exposure to productive work environments and provide them with the guidance to develop into responsible, productive adults. Mentees will rotate through different divisions within the company and also receive support from the Northbound team throughout their high school years.  The first program mentee will be a first-year student from Irvington High School.

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Hawaii MBE-to-MBE Spend

 Darcey Builders selected American Carpet One to provide carpet and carpet installation services. 




NMSDC Conference & Business Opportunity Fair - Oct. 30 to Nov. 2  - Atlanta 

Doing Business at SFO Open House - Sept. 9 - San Francisco 
Business Matchmaking Procurement Workshop - Sept. 15 - San Jose
 - Use CKCWKF as your custom passcode when registering 

The Foundation for Business Success - Sept. 15 - Sacramento  

USHCOC 32nd Annual National Convention & Business Expo - Sept. 18-21 - Miami Beach

SDMSDC Business Opportunity Conference - Sept. 28 - San Diego

Annual GovLink Conference - Nov. 1 to Nov. 2 - Sacramento  


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