CRA News Alert - March 5, 2010

Two Mid-America CRA State Clubs Under Attack


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KANSAS: Senate Committee Hearing Next Week on Proposed Tax Increase Bill - PLEASE ATTEND

Senate Bill 516, a proposal to increase the state's tobacco taxes, including an increase to the current Other Tobacco Products (which includes cigars) excise tax rate of 10% to 40%, will be on the agenda for a public hearing next week.

The Senate Committee on Assessment and Taxation will hear public testimony for SB516 on Wednesday, March 10, at 10:30am.

CRA is urging all Kansas-based members to attend this meeting and speak to the Senate committee about the negative effects an increase on OTP tax would have on business and the economy.

State Capital Building
Room 152-S
Wednesday, March 10, at 10:30am

CRA Urges ALL Members To Take Action

Please take a moment to EMAIL and CALL the members of the Senate Committee on Assessment and Taxation asking them to OPPOSE SB516 and any other bill that increases taxes on tobacco.

Les Donovan
Julia Lynn
Derek Schmidt
Karin Brownlee
Jeff Colyer
Terrie Huntington
Bob Marshall
Tom Holland
Chris Steineger

INDIANA: Smoking Ban Killed, Comes Right Back to Life

INDIANAPOLIS | A statewide indoor smoking ban approved last week by the Indiana House was temporarily snuffed out Tuesday by the state Senate.

Senate President David Long, R-Fort Wayne, ruled the smoking ban should not have been added to Senate Bill 175 because it was not germane to the underlying legislation, as required by the Indiana Constitution. Senate Bill 175 makes changes to state health reporting requirements.

State Sen. Patricia Miller, R-Indianapolis, removed the smoking ban from the measure during a House-Senate conference committee.

"We can't keep it in this bill," Miller said.

But state Rep. Charlie Brown, D-Gary, sponsor of the smoking ban, said he won't be deterred.

Brown said he plans to add the smoking ban to House Bill 1132, which he controls, during a different conference committee meeting today.

"It is beyond the pale how we get into this situation all the time with bills that will be good public policy for a majority of the citizens of Indiana," Brown said. "His (Long's) answer is always next year."

"Why couldn't we do it this year, as opposed to next year? We could probably save a lot of lives," Brown said.

The House voted 54-44 on Feb. 25 to approve a statewide smoking ban that included all indoor spaces except gaming facilities. The Senate failed to act several times in the past two years on smoking ban proposals with varying exemptions sent over by the House

If Brown succeeds in adding the smoking ban to HB 1132 in conference committee, it still would need approval from both chambers of the General Assembly before it can go to the governor.

CRA Urges ALL Members To Take Action

Please take a moment to EMAIL and CALL Senator David Long with your opposition to the proposed Indiana statewide smoking ban.

Senator David Long, President Protempore

    By Email
Email Senator David Long

    By Phone
(317) 232-9400

    By Mail
Senator David Long, President Protempore
Indiana Senate, District 16
200 W. Washington St.
Indianapolis, IN 46204-2786

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CRA Needs Your Help!

In order to be successful in our fight to enjoy cigars without the threat of smoking bans and high taxation, CRA needs your help. Please consider partnering with CRA through two important methods:

There is strength in numbers! The more members CRA has, the greater voice we have at all levels of legislature. Please help CRA by asking your fellow cigar enthusiasts to join CRA today! Membership starts as low as $35/year.

Our fight around the country is very expensive. We would like to ask all CRA members and cigar enthusiasts to consider making a donation to CRA in any amount you choose.

There are three easy ways to donate to CRA:

Please visit:

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