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April 2009 Edition 
Dear Friends, 
My goodness, Easter is upon us! This was supposed to go out a week ago, but here it is just a few days to go and I haven't written. So, this will be a very brief newsletter unless I get carried usual.
This is a very special time of year. It's another time to share with family and friends that often includes going to church together, having a special Easter dinner, and hunting Easter eggs.
It's also another great opportunity for decorating or sharing the beauty of your garden whether it be big and elaborate or just a whimisical Incredible Plant Stand on your front porch. It's time to begin to enjoy the fruit of your labor in the south. Our far northern friends are still in the planning stages in many areas, but their time is coming for the summer planting. It will be here before they know it!
The Texas weather is still like a wild roller coaster ride! Last night it was in the lower 30's but tomorrow it will be 85. How do we do it? Well, we just do......
Anyway, read on for some really fun stuff! 
Candy Holder  Victory Garden update1
I wanted to send along this recent picture of the Victory Garden. (right) This is taken only 3 weeks from the last picture. What a difference a little rain, sunshine and time can make. We have been particularly enjoying the romaine lettuce and the tomatoes and the butternut lettuce are coming along nicely. We just had to stake the tomatoes and they have many blooms! There's also some great arugula. Not showing are the tiny heads of cauliflower that are developing on the opposite side.
You'll notice that the flower in the right corner has been replaced. I'm thinking that Mr. Wilson must have thought the bloom on the marigold was a big yellow ball and he proceeded to play catch with it. Needless to say the plant did not survive the game, so Jerry put in a little bunch of snaps for me.
There's also a little sign in the right of the garden that Jerry found in Canton for says, "Victory Garden". He's so sweet! 
If you find yourself wondering what you can do quickly for an eye-catching Easter display, here's one you can put together in a jiffy. This follows along with the easy Christmas display we did with the poinsettias in December. I removed all of the upper pots from one of my large plant stand displays and replaced them with Easter lilies from my local garden center. They are still in the original pots they came in with the drain holes all the way around the outside of the bottom of the container. Just slide the pots straight onto the stand through one of the drain holes. No tilting is necessary, the stand will just run straight up the inside of the plastic pot and you will alternate pots to either side of the stand. These are 6" pots and it took 6 pots to fill the stand. You will want to gently slide them down without pressing too hard on the pot below as these pots are not real strong and will crush. I topped it off with a cross finial. Isn't it beautiful? I think it took less than 10 minutes to put it together, so if you need a last minute decoration, this is it. It will join our photo gallery on the web site that you are welcome to view at no charge!
You can also make this on the Patio size using three lilies! 
This little cutie was made with our Incredible Porch/Tree Hanger and four cute little watering cans in bright spring colors that I found at Hobby Lobby. Drill a 1/2" hole in the bottom of the watering cans below the spout. Slide them onto the hanger. Tilt each can and zip tie the handle to the hanger to hold in place. This one is planted with bright pink dianthus and white alyssum. I love the vibrant colors and this one was so easy to do! (We like easy!) You can print full instructions and shopping lists when you join our private membership online. Become a Friend of Friendship's Garden here.
White Cross
We are always so amazed at what we see in our travels across the US. I wanted to share with you this beautiful cross we saw at one of the flower shows we went to last month. It was done by one of the local churches. So sorry that I didn't write down which one to give them the credit. Isn't it magnificent! 
We are still collecting pics for the contest......send them in today! The deadline is April 30th! 
Send us photos of your creations with our plant stands! The contest will go through the end of April and we will have one winner in each of eight categories: Gardening-one winner for each plant stand style, ie. Large, Patio, TableTop, and Porch/Tree Hanger. Decorating (Spring Designs only) -one winner for each plant stand style, ie. Large, Patio, TableTop, and Porch/Tree Hanger. Send your photos in jpeg form, as an attachment to: [email protected], or mail color photos to PO Box 1977, Kyle, TX 78640. Please include your name, address, email address, phone number, and any information you would like us to know about your creation, including which of our plant stands you used and how you put your item together for the decorating category or description of your planted pland stand. Be sure to label your mailed in photos with your name. Sending your photo will signify your release for us to publish your photo at our discretion. Just a note: we credit you with the photo but we only use your first name, last initial and your state for your privacy. None of your personal information is shared with outside parties under any circumstances. THE PRIZE: Two of any of our products of your choice. Winners will be chosen by a panel of judges and will be based on originality and beauty. Winners will be announced in our May newsletter. You have plenty of time, so let those creative juices start flowing. Enter as many times as you wish in as many categories as you like! And while you're at it, don't forget to share the email addresses of friends and family you think will enjoy our newsletters.
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Whew! You know I could go on but I must say good-by for now. Don't forget to visit us online to order your plant stands and/or accessories or call us for a dealer in your area. Now is the time.....the season is upon us. Order today so you will be ready!
NEXT MONTH: Painting Pots, (were supposed to make this issue, but didn't--so sorry!) Patriotic Decorations for Memorial Day and July 4th, and of course, more garden pics and ideas-don't miss it!
Have a wonderful and blessed Easter!
Until next time,
Nancy Shelton
Friendship's Garden, Inc.
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