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July/August 2009
Rebecca Gould headshot
Be grounded,


and neutral.

No agenda.

At my first level CranioSacral Therapy training, the instructor repeated this, like a mantra, as the students practiced the techniques we were learning.

I remember taking in these words with a smile as I acknowledged how they apply beyond the context of a therapeutic session with a client. Going through life being grounded, present, and neutral. Abandoning agenda. Meeting yourself where you're at. Meeting others where they're at. Open. Patient. Accepting. Truly listening.

Listening with more than your ears. Listening with your eyes. Listening with and to your heart.

When working with my clients, I also listen with my hands. I believe this is a crucial aspect of effectively facilitating healing. I believe it because I've experienced it both as a client and as a therapist. The body will speak if it's given a chance to be heard. The body will do what it needs to do to heal if it's given the chance to do so, without excessive force.

One of the things I love most about CranioSacral Therapy is the recognition that living organisms tense up and guard in response to pressure. So the therapist works lightly and patiently, just below the threshold at which a guarding response would occur. This type of touch facilitates the client's own ability to let go and release restrictions that are causing pain and discomfort.

Sometimes the restrictions and releases are emotional as well as physical. I'll be learning more about that in September at a SomatoEmotional Release class. So stay tuned! I did have a little introduction to emotional release work last month in my CranioSacral II training, where I learned how to work inside of the mouth (great for TMJ problems!) and refined techniques for finding and releasing energy blockages throughout the body. The body holds on to so much, and often we're not even aware of it until its releasing. CranioSacral Therapy is a gentle yet profound way of heightening awareness and facilitating healing.

Even that mantra about being present, grounded, and neutral is healing. Why not see what it's like to go through your day, or a few days, silently repeating it to yourself? Be grounded, present, and neutral. No agenda. See what happens. Feel what happens. And let me know.

Until next time, wishing you all the best!


Rebecca Gould, LMP, CHHP

What Else?
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Keystone Building, 3rd floor
$8 suggested donation
Ecstatic Dance has no instruction, no steps to follow, and no right or wrong way to dance.  It's all about moving your body in whatever way is right for you, along to a mix of world-beat music.
Contact Ayako or Max Stark at (360) 293-6641.

An Article About Listening to Your Own Voice
Please click on this link and take a look at Laura Lavigne's article. It's a super quick read with a super important message.
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Rebecca Gould