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March/April 2009
Rebecca Gould headshot
Howdy, y'all! I recently returned to Anacortes from yet another trip to Texas, where I completed my Sheng Zhen Qigong instructor certification requirements!

I returned home inspired to create a new website specifically for Qigong, and while I was at it, I updated my Elemental Harmony website as well. Check out the new site and the new look for the old site!


In addition to announcing the new websites and my teacher certification, I was planning to focus this newsletter on Qigong. However, I received a phone call last week that requires more immediate attention and shifts my focus to the importance of and power of community.

The phone call was to inform me of a DVD release party on Thursday March 26th for Whitney Schultz.

I didn't know who Whitney was until last August. While walking through town, putting up fliers for Qigong classes, I noticed that my face wasn't the only one being plastered all over town. Whitney's face was too! The posters said, "Celebrating Whitney" and advertised a benefit for her. Who was this girl? Benefit for what? I went home and turned to Google to satisfy my curiosity. 

When I read her story, my heart both sank and filled. I felt inspired to help with the benefit and to meet Whitney. Why? Because Whitney had been in a car accident on July 4th and was at Harborview recovering from severe head injuries. I knew what it was like to be in a car accident as a teenager. I knew what it was like to be at Harborview too. My heart went out to her and her family.

I was also extremely moved by the support that the community was showing by pulling together to put on an amazing benefit for Whitney in August. I had only been living in Anacortes for 10 months at that point, and it was that day, the day of the benefit, that I finally felt at home and proud to be part of this community. And this Thursday, the DVD of the bands' performances is being released!

So come on out to celebrate Whitney, to celebrate community, to celebrate life! And if you don't live around here, or if you can't make it, I hope you'll still find ways to celebrate and share and get involved with your community.

Wishing you all the best,


Rebecca Gould, LMP, CHHP
Celebrating Whitney
Celebrating Whitney March 26: Thursday 8 pm at The Rockfish in Anacortes. DVD release party for "Celebrating Whitney: A Musical Benefit for the Recovery of Whitney Schultz".

The DVD is a 90 minute edited version of the August 08 beneft that featured the artists Afterthought Adam, Gertrude's Hearse, Fidalgo Swing, Mouseheart Factor, Spoonshine, Neil Stuchal, The Oregon Donor and John Van Duesen.

The Rockfish release party will feature live performances by Neil Stucahl, Jake Navarro and Bill Cook of Spoonshine and Ray Hines of Gertrude's Hearse. Clips from the never before seen DVD will be played at the show and copies will be available for sale. Proceeds go to the Whitney to aid in her recovery. Whintey will also be at the show, so drop by, get a copy of the DVD and give her your love.
Sheng Zhen Qigong Classes

lotus March 24th: FREE INTRO
6 pm, 1010 B 6th Street
Kuan Yin Standing and the seated form Awakening the Soul. Click here for details.
March 28th: Loosen Up!
Kuan Yin Standing Qigong Workshop
Begins with Awakening the Soul.
Saturday, 1-4 pm at Island Hospital, $28

To register, call (360) 299-1309

Ongoing Classes: Your 1st class is FREE!

For Beginners and Continuing Students
$10 drop-in, or $70 for 10-class punch-card

Sitting Qigong
Tuesdays 10 AM at Anacortes Senior Center
(all ages welcome!)
This class focuses on Sheng Zhen Healing Qigong and begins with Awakening the Soul.

Standing Qigong
Wednesdays 6 PM at 1010 B 6th Street
This class focuses on Kuan Yin Standing Qigong and begins with Awakening the Soul.

For more information, please email or call(360) 293-2193
Save 50% 50% off your first 60-minute CranioSacral session. That's just $30 for 60 minutes!

For an appointment, call (360) 293-2193.

For more information on CranioSacral Therapy, click here.

Offer Expires: April 30, 2009
Rebecca Gould