Say Hello to Fall
And Goodbye to that which no longer serves you....
Vol. 1, Issue 2
October 2008
Is it just me, or does Fall bring with it a rush of nostalgia and a deep sense of grief? A stir of emotions and tears along with the falling and stirring of the leaves? Every year I feel that; I walk outside and suddenly it smells like Fall. And that smell triggers so many memories, so many feelings. And this year I felt that rush of nostalgia more strongly than ever.

So a few weeks ago I started getting rid of things, things I'd kept for years and had not used. Things with more memories and more feelings attached to them. It felt so invigorating and liberating to get rid of this stuff. I felt lighter! But I also found myself crying a lot.

Nothing was "wrong" with me. In fact, all that crying couldn't have been more right. Those tears came from a mixture of emotions: grief and frustration, but also joy and gratitude. All that material cleansing led to an emotional cleansing. And that is precisely what I wanted. I wanted to let go. I wanted to grieve. I needed to make room, to create space. For what? For something new. For simply being. For being present.

Have any of you felt this need to release yourself from the past? Have any of you felt bogged down with too much stuff, whether materially, emotionally, or physically? Have any of you been feeling emotional and weepy for no apparent reason?

If so, do something about it! Get rid of things. Breathe deep. Cleanse. Cry.

But also be gentle with yourself. Take your time. And take comfort in knowing you're not the only one going through this and that these feelings and actions are in line with the season.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Fall is the season associated with grief, the season of the Metal Element which corresponds to the Lungs and Large Intestine, the sense of smell,  spicy flavor, attachments, boundaries, and the color (or lack thereof) white. Fall is a time to breathe deep. Fall is a time to cry. This is the season for turning inward to identify that which no longer serves us and then letting go, whether letting go means tears, dancing, moving, saying goodbye, or cleaning out your closets, filing cabinets, and storage rooms.

This is a great time to start a deep breathing practice. It's also the perfect time for a colon cleanse.The benefits of nutritional cleansing are plentiful, and include increased energy, clearer skin, feeling lighter, and a clearer mind. If you want help with cleansing, call me for a free preliminary nutrition consultation! Using a TCM Five Element Theory approach, we'll determine what type of nutrition and lifestyle changes would be best for you, whether it's a colon cleanse, liver cleanse, parasite purge, or none of the above.

And if you want help with cleaning out your house and getting organized, I suggest you read the article I referenced last month: Laura Lavigne's "A Ton of Stuff". To sum up her tips, if you don't use it and it doesn't bring you joy, toss it!

Clearing your space will help clear your mind. A clear mind is always important, but Fall specifically asks us to clear our minds to make room for inspirational ideas and in preparation for winter hibernation. So clear your space, clear your mind, listen to your gut (that Large Intestine of yours), be gentle with yourself, and cry if you need to cry. It's healthy. Sadness and tears are part of living in the balance; expressing your emotions is crucial to elemental harmony.

Best wishes,

Rebecca Gould, LMP, CHHPphoto
(360) 293-2193

  p.s. Sageing Elders?! Hmmm....

Last month, I received the following email in response to September's newsletter:

"Rebecca, would love to hear about your Sageing class."

I had to laugh. An Anacortes colleague, Joe Arellano, LMP, had pointed out a typo where I mentioned taking an "elders-sage" class. It was funny because Joe may have been the only one who knew what I was referring to in the first place, since he too had taken this class. So now I must explain. Elderssage is not about sageing or smudging our elders. Elderssage is a form of massage specifically for elderly clients. So if you're an elder, or know an elder, who wants to be massaged (not saged!), call me or Joe Arellano for more information or to schedule an appointment.

Oh, and hot off the press, I just now got another email from Joe. Apparently there actually is something called Sageing that is part of the conscious aging movement, and the books "Age-ing to Sage-ing" by Rabbi Zalman and Ram Dass's "Still Here" are good resources. Thanks, Joe!

Mark Your Calendars.....

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