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September 2010
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September marks Fashion Week in New York and world famous designers anoint the city with the newest ideas in fashion.  Trends are born and the city is abuzz.   Makeup at fashion shows define new trends in beauty as well.  In this issue, Dr. Yagoda shares her observations about  Autumn trends in "New York beauty". 

There is no scarcity of celebrities in town for New York Fashion Week and its after-the-show events and cocktail parties. 
A savvy spotter of what's hot on the cocktail scene is Kathy Casey, owner of Kathy Casey Food Studios® - Liquid Kitchen™.   You can catch Kathy on television as a frequent guest mixologist, on PBS, CNN, Good Morning America, the Food Network and CBS This Morning .  Try Kathy's latest creation, BeautyScoop Herb'alicious Sassy Sangria.  But....don't forget to submit your favorite BeautyScoop recipe to [email protected] and you will be automatically entered into our monthly drawing to win a free box of BeautyScoop!  
Beauty is Power!  Drink it in.
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A Plastic Surgeon's Perspective: 
New York's 'Statute of Libeauty'

Big hair may define the primping princesses of Plano in the same way that big breasts define the ladies from LA....but what defines a New York beauty?  Though it may come as a surprise to some, New York beauties are no more the voluptuous vixens in Vogue than the glamorous goddesses of Glamour.  Big apple beauties have adopted their own 'statute of libeauty'  and look  refreshingly natural!

Make no mistake, there's been much work done!  There is the keratin hair  straightening treatment to add shine and defrizz unruly tresses.  Highlights and hair color is meticulously  maintained.  Body hair is lasered.  Eyelashes are enhanced by lash lengthening formulas or expertly placed lash extensions.  Lips are subtlely plumped and faintly glossed.  A hint of blush is judiciously applied.  Nails are manicured weekly and buffed.  Botox brilliantly allows movement while fillers are expertly placed.  Everything is perfect, yet nothing is visible. 

Sure magazines show masterful makeup artistry, but you won't find that art on a true New Yorker! 
New York women proudly take good care of themselves.  They exercise regularly and groom endlessly.   But, leave the fanciful faux to the French...New York women look effortlessly natural although every New Yorker knows that it takes a lot of effort to get from au naturel to looking like a natural beauty!
Special Interview:  Giulio Gherardini, M.D., Ph.D., Aesthetic Plastic Surgeon, Rome, Italy
Dr. Giulio Gherardini

1.  As a plastic surgeon you trained in Italy, the USA and Sweden.  Then you worked in the UK, the UAE and Kuwait.  As an international plastic surgeon who has since returned to your native country of Italy, have you noticed any geographical differences in women's ideas of beauty around the world? 
In general, beauty is largely influenced by western standards and delivered through the media. This makes the standards very similar.  There are some differences, however.  In the UK, there is a tendency to embrace a more "operated" or "done" look with large breast implants and a very small waist.  In Italy, there is more of an emphasis on subtlety...patients want to look very natural and want to keep the surgery a secret.  In fact, Italian women demand small and progressive changes rather than drastic improvements. All Italian procedures are described as "mini" such as mini"lifts, "mini"liposuction, etc.

2.  What are the three most important topical anti-aging ingredients favored in Rome?
They are the same as in the USA - glycolic acids, retinoic acids and hyaluronic acids.   The only difference is that in Italy (and in the Middle East), there is a tendency is to use very weak, topical treatments, due to the presence of sun worshiping and the photosensitizing effects of glycolic and retinoic acids.

3.  Are there any anti-aging ingredients unique to the European Union and the United Kingdom that are not available in the USA? 
There are none that I know of currently, but I do know that hydroquinone for hyperpigmentation is not marketed in Europe.

4.  What role, if any, do you believe supplements like BeautyScoop play in overall beauty?  
Supplements have been an important part of beauty in the UK for some time, but today, there is growing interest in supplements in Italy.  Ingestible "cosmetic" supplements are playing  a growing role in today's beauty considerations around the world.

Dr. Gherardini received his medical degree in 1988 at the Catholic University of Rome.  He completed his residency in Plastic Surgery in 1993 at the Tor Vergata University in Rome.  and then a year of specialty training in breast surgery in 1994 at the Karolinska Hospital in Stockholm. Sweden.  In 1995, he was selected for the extremely competitive clinical fellowship in cosmetic plastic surgery at New York University and the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital.  The following year, he completed a double clinical fellowship in Reconstructive Microsurgery at the prestigious MD Anderson Cancer Center, and in Pediatric Plastic Surgery at the Texas Children's Hospital, both in Houston, Texas.  Dr. Gherardini received his PhD at the Karolinksa Institute in Stockholm and was  then recruited to be the Head of the Plastic Surgery Department at the National Centre for Cosmetic Surgery in London (1998-2002).  Currently in private practice in Rome and Naples, Dr. Gherardini is also a consultant plastic surgeon to the Emirates Hosptial in Dubai, UAE and the Royal Hyatt Hospital in Kuwait City.  He is a member of the Italian Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the International College of Surgeons, the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, the Associazione Chirurghi Plastici Italia Centrale, the Accademia Campana di Chirurgia Plastica, the European Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery, and the Mediterranean Council for Burns and Fire Disasters.  He provides complimentary cleft palate and cleft lip repair surgery on missions around the world. 
BeautyScoop Herb'alicious Sassy SangriaShake Your Beauty! 

BeautyScoop Herb'alicious Sassy Sangria

Created by Kathy Casey, Liquid Kitchen

celebrity chef and mixologist,


  • 1 large sprig fresh rosemary
  • 1/2 scoop BeautyScoop, Vanilla Crème Flavor

  • 3/4 oz. Dish D'Lish Red Sangria Mix Cocktailor*

  • 3/4 oz. Purity Vodka - or other organic vodka

  • 2 oz red wine, such as a Syrah or Merlot
  • Garnish: fresh rosemary sprig and berry if desired

  • ice


1. Bend and drop fresh rosemary into a cocktail shaker.
2. Carefully measure Beauty Scoop, Dish D'Lish Red Sangria Mix, vodka and red wine into the shaker.
3. Fill to the top with ice.
4. Cap and shake vigorously until powder is fully incorporated.
5. Strain cocktail into a tall glass or wine glass filled with ice.
6. Garnish a sprig of fresh rosemary and berry if desired.
Serve and enjoy!
Serves 1.
*Dish D'Lish® Red Sangria Mix Cocktailor is available online at

Kathy Casey is a celebrity chef, mixologist and pioneer in the bar-chef movement. She played a key role in bringing Northwest cuisine and women chefs to national prominence and, as one of the first female executive chefs in the United States, she was named one of Food & Wine's "hot new American chefs."  She has also been touted as being the original Bar Chef .  A savvy spotter of what's hot on the culinary and cocktail scene, Kathy is a frequent TV and radio guest and speaker on trends. She has been featured in numerous national publications, including Esquire, USA Today, Fortune, People Magazine, Cheers, Food Arts, Food & Wine, Gourmet, Time Out, the San Francisco Chronicle and the New York Times. She has appeared on such shows as CNN, Good Morning America, Food Network's Unwrapped, the Travel Channel's Cooking Across America, the Larry King Show, Fine Living's Great Cocktails, CBS This Morning and Northern Exposure. You can often catch her on television as a frequent guest chef and mixologist, on PBS, and in commercials across the American West. Her new web show Kathy Casey's Liquid Kitchen can be seen fall 2010 on Small Screen Network.  Kathy is the owner of Kathy Casey Food Studios® - Liquid Kitchen™, an international agency specializing in delicious creativity: food, beverage and restaurant/hospitality concept consulting, product development as well as social media food and beverage promotions. Clients such as Fairmont Hotels & Resorts, Ritz Carlton, Marriott Hotels, Sunset Produce, Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute, Costco, Wild Hibiscus, Holland America Line, Restaurants Unlimited, Unilever, Monterey Gourmet Foods, Monin Gourmet, Beam Global Spirits, Crown Imports, SKYY Sprits, Ketel One, Diageo, Bacardi, Moet Hennessy, Remy Cointreau and Proximo Spirits have sought her development skills, advice and expertise.   Kathy also owns Dish D'Lish® "Food to Go-Go" cafes - as well as Dish D'Lish branded retail and food-service specialty food products and cocktail mixers.  An accomplished writer, she is the author of nine cookbooks, including the James Beard Award-nominated Kathy Casey's Northwest Table. Her newest book is, Sips & Apps. A Seattle Times food feature columnist for 12 years, also a freelance writer, she writes for Flavor and the Menu and Drinks Magazine and blogs for Food Network CA  and  Amazon's blog.  In 2010 she was lauded as one of the 50 Best Twitter Chefs by Guide to Culinary Schools,  her blog, Dishing with Kathy Casey, was included in'sSites We Love.  When not dreaming up "the next big thing" Kathy can be found foraging for wild mushrooms or harvesting kiwis from her urban garden.... or these days twittering (@KathyCaseyChef) way too much! For more information contact: [email protected]


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