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Beauty Break Newsletter
February 2010
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The days are getting longer and the new decade is off to a good start! 

In this issue, along with our drink for beauty, we offer you some food for thought - about extreme plastic surgery!  In addition, we present you with our featured interview with Caitlin Conn, Director of Skincare Operations at Exhale Mind Body Spa.  Read about our recent press, and events and take a peek at our new recipe guide, Prettier with Every Sip. Then kick back and enjoy an inspiring BeautyScoop recipe by Aditi Gupta from Santa Clara, California, whose Tantric Beauty recipe was chose by our team of judges as winner of the recipe-of-the-month contest.

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Beauty is Power!  Drink it in.
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A Plastic Surgeon's Perspective: 
Women in 2010:  Damsels of Destruction or Desire?


Remember 'the girl next door'?  For as long as I could remember, we all wanted to look like the fresh-faced, natural beauty who lived next door.  Over the years, as many of us became successful lawyers, doctors, accountants, entrepreneurs, executives and parents, we began to see the inevitable signs of aging.  Some of us turned to plastic surgery and non-surgical improvements, seeking natural and nearly imperceptible refinements and  anti-aging enhancements.  Unlike 'the girl next door' with her enviable and blessed gene pool, many of us have aged gracefully, beautifully and naturally with the help of a well-chosen plastic surgeon!

But, what happened to 'the girl next door' as a beauty role model?  Many of today's young twenty-somethings decide to marry younger and have children earlier than did their mothers although they certainly are not embracing the traditional 1950's mommy-role.  Take one look at the ever higher stilettos, the even more platinum hair, and the ever expanding implants if you are not already certain there's a difference. 

Today's young women are rarely introduced to the natural beauty of 'the girl next door'.  Exposed to extreme plastic surgery as often as Lindsay Lohan's stints in rehab, today's 20 and 30 year-olds seem to be even inspired more by porn stars and Playboy centerfolds than Barbie!  While aesthetic trends may differ, defined in part by culture and geography, one thing is certain...there seems to be a country-wide obsession with plastic surgery!

So why has Heidi's Montag's ten procedure, one-day plastic surgery marathon made national headline news among otherwise jaded young Americans?  Has the ho-hum humdrum of extreme plastic surgery finally risen into an outright outrage?  After all, is it  reasonable for anyone, let alone a 23 year-old, to want so much alteration?  Is she unhappy with more than just her physical self?   And, aside from  Heidi's publicity hungry reality TV surgeon, doesn't everyone easily recognize her request as a howling  cry for help?

As a plastic surgeon, I can assure you that there will always be a role for plastic surgery.  But, motivations and expectations are key.  Beauty can not simply be defined by a checklist of physical features, it springs from a source of internal health and wellness, a reflection of satisfying relationships, inner contentment, strong self image and of course a pleasing physical appearance.   Physical perfection is not a substitute for self acceptance.  Look in the mirror and start loving the girl you see!
Interview with Caitlin Conn,
Director of Skin Operations
Exhale Mind Body Spa
Caitlin Conn

1.  What are three most common skin concerns in clients in their 20s and 30s?

The most common concerns are how to prevent hormonal acne, how to keep skin bright and glowing, and how to prevent aging as some fine lines and wrinkles begin to show.

2.  What are the three most common skin concerns in clients in their 40s and 50s? 
This age group is concerned with discoloration, hyper-pigmentation and hydration/moisture as skin becomes increasing lipid deficient and demonstrates the loss of elasticity resulting in deeper expression lines.

3. What role do you believe ingestible beauty products and nutritional supplements like BeautyScoop play in overall nail health and beauty?  
It holds true that "we are what we eat" and proper nutrition promotes beauty from within.  Skin is our largest organ and mirrors our overall state of health. I love BeautyScoop because it provides an easily assimilated form of nutrients that tastes great and is a much smarter option than coffee or a sugar loaded snack when 3 or 4 PM rolls around and you need an energy boost.

4.  What advice do you have for a person who might initially be skeptical of ingestibles?

Many of us work long busy days and it is not always possible to make sure that each meal is well balanced when we're eating on the fly. Nutraceuticals have become part of a well-rounded beauty regimen as it makes sense to include a supplement along with effective topical products and monthly facials.

Exhale Spa is known for its unique approach to mental and physical well-being. Caitlin Conn is one of Exhale's most senior estheticians, DIrector of Skin Operations and part of the company's Skin Care Advisory Board.  She's been at the forefront of development of Exhale Spa's skincare regimens and protocols, and she trains skincare technicians to ensure they master Exhale's proprietary therapies.

Recent Press and Events:
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Shake Your Beauty!  strawberry lassi

by Aditi Gupta, Santa Clara, CA

  • 8 organic strawberries, hulled
  • 1 cup organic 2% milk
  • 1/2 cup plain low-fat yogurt
  • 1 tsp. organic cane sugar
  • 1 tsp. rose water
  • 4 peeled pitted lychees
  • 1 packet of BeautyScoop
  • 3 ice cubes (optional)
  • 2 mint leaves (optional)


1.  Combine all ingredients in the blender for 1 minute.
2.  Pour into glass and serve immediately.

Serves 2

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Beauty is Power!  Drink it in.

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