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July 2009
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Green things grow in the summer.  It's indisputable.  So it should come as no surprise that BeautyScoop is blooming too.  With our roots planted in the USA, and our toes dipped into Canada, we are spreading overseas.  BeautyScoop sprouts in the UK on July 6th, with an exclusive launch into all eight Harvey Nichols stores! Nicknamed "the guiltless liquid lunch" BeautyScoop is anticipating a warm summer welcome. 
There's no time like summertime to cultivate and showcase your own natural beauty accessories - your skin, hair, nails and.....eyelashes!  In this month's newsletter, Dr. Yagoda shares her beauty advice from her perspective as a facial plastic surgeon as she focuses on eyelash lengthening  treatments.  But,  if after reading about Latisse and its competitors, you are feeling blue about
having baby blue eyes, don't abandon hope!  In this issue's special guest interview with Ria Hountas-Pagliaro, R.N., lash extensionist extraordinaire, you'll receive valuable eyelash extension essentials for beauties of all eye color!
Please j
oin us in congratulating recipe-of-the-month contest winner, Nancy Greenberg from own very own NYC!  Her delicious "Frozen Cucumber & Mint Eye Opener"  was chosen (see recipe below) in a taste test by our team of judges.  Remember that when you share your favorite BeautyScoop beauty break recipe, we will automatically enter you into our monthly drawing to win your free box of BeautyScoop! 
Don't forget to try out our winning recipe-of-the-month ~ Beauty is Power!  Drink it in.
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A Plastic Surgeon's Perspective: 
 Eyelash Lengthening Treatments

When Allergan's Latisse entered the market as the first and only FDA approved lash lengthening treatment, many women began requesting this prescription for glamorous lashes.  Others chose a competitor's formula that might have been less expensive and more easily accessible.  With the promise of  longer, thicker, darker lashes in reach, who can resist the temptation of a future without mascara?  Well, there are some important side effect that you may want to know about, especially if you have blue eyes....!      
Eyelash lengthening?
Many years ago, Allergan patented a drug to treat glaucoma by reducing elevated eye pressure.  Many users noticed the unanticipated but  desired side effects of  darker, longer, thicker eyelashes when using this prostaglandin analogue named bimatoprost.   

How the craze began...
An entrepreneur and cosmetics formulator, Jan Marini, incorporated this active pharmaceutical ingredient, bimatoprost, into a cosmetic and sold it commercially. It became successful and eventually, Allergen became aware of Jan's product and sued her for breaching their patent.  Ultimately, Jan lost her ability to sell her product since she made a medical claim on a cosmetic - that usage would lead to eyelash hair growth.  She was reprimanded by the FDA and her product was seized.   Since the competitors did not make such medical claims, their businesses were unscathed. 
The FDA Loophole
Many lash lengthening products were quite effective and their founders enjoyed great prosperity as a result of a loophole in the FDA regulations.  Through this loophole, active pharmaceutical ingredients could seemingly be included in products labeled as cosmetics (so long as no medical claims were made).   Apparently, the FDA did not (and still does not) regulate the cosmetic industry, and therefore, no one was deemed responsible for educating consumers about possible side effects.  
The side effects you need to know about
 Since prostaglandin analogues are drugs, they have real side effects.  Usage without knowledge can be a recipe for danger!  They lower eye pressure and as such they are meant to be used only when high pressure exists.  If used in eyes with normal pressure, the pressure will also be lowered, and since ophthalmologists are uncertain of the potential dangers of prolonged low eye pressure, user beware!  Additional side effects may include the following:  - eyelashes that curl unevenly, partially and unpredictably; - skin above the lash line that darkens temporarily or even permanently; and possible permanent pigmentation of the iris (the colored part of the eye) if product enters the eye.    
The competition:
Rapidlash, Dermalash and Peter Thomas Roth's Lashes-to-Die-For are all products containing prostaglandin analogs.   Revitalash is another competitor with a prostaglandin analogue, but founded by an ophthalmologist whose wife lost her hair after chemotherapy used to treat breast cancer.  A representative from this company stated that if was formulated so as not to penetrate the cornea.  (Since no studies were provided, this data can not be confirmed.) 
Jan Marini's newly reformulated Marini Lash, and Talika Lipocils, formulated by a French doctor, report all of the benefits of the prostaglandin analogues but claim that the active ingredient is a polypeptide.  Since polypeptides may be the building blocks for prostaglandins, it may just be clever labeling - and without clinical studies, buyer beware!
A final note on pricing...
The price per month does not vary greatly among products.  Watch for the amount in each container.  In general, if the price is $125-$160, the product lasts 5-6 months.  If the product is $40-$60, it generally lasts 1-2  months.  As with all things in life, you get what you pay for!

The take home message
Remember that despite all of these potential side effects, the FDA has approved Latisse as a safe and effective lash lengthening treatment! Since a prescription is required, it is likely that the potential user will learn about the possible side effects.  However, in choosing your own, especially if you have green or blue eyes, use caution!  Perhaps you might not willingly accept the risk of receiving brown spots in your iris in exchange for fuller, longer lashes!
Ria of Lashtique 
Essentials on Lash Extensions:
by Ria Hountas-Pagliaro, R.N.,
Lash Extensionist, Extraordinaire

1. What kinds of lash extensions are available? 
There are "strip Lashes", "clusters" or "flares" and "semi-permanent lash extensions."  Strip lashes are temporary and the most economical.  They are placed as a single grouping, against the upper lash line.  Cluster or flare type lashes have a slightly more natural look since they contain bundles of 3-8 blunt tipped lashes held together by a little knot.  They are typically placed on top, in between or underneath the natural lash line. Semi permanent eyelash extensions are the most natural looking and feeling.   Each single extension is bonded to a single natural lash.  

2.  What are the risks of extensions? 
 Risks vary with the type of extension used.  Strip lash placement can be daunting, appearance is not customizable, the adhesive is short-lived and the feel is unnatural and heavy to wear. Even well applied lash strips can come loose due to heat and perspiration.  Strip lashes, cluster or flare lashes, have an increased risk of allergic reaction since there is direct contact of the adhesive with the skin.  In addition, the adhesive may occlude the follicle and cause infection or follicle damage.  This can lead to lash badness.  Cluster or flares applied with a stronger, more permanent adhesive may cause even more damage.  When it is time for your natural to shed, the cluster may remove other lashes from the root prematurely. Repeat injury to the lash line can cause permanent damage.  With semi permanent eyelash extensions, poor technique can lead to the same risks as those seen with flares and clusters. Technique is very important. Each lash extension must be attached precisely to one single natural lash and the adhesive should touch only the lash and not the skin.  In addition, it is important that the natural lash be able to support the weight of the extension without placing stress on the natural eyelash follicle. 

3.Which treatment do you recommend and why?
I recommend only the semi permanent lash extensions. While they are the most expensive option, they carry the least risks and are the most natural looking and feeling. They also involve the least amount of maintenance.  They also allow the most detailed contouring.   Properly applied and maintained eyelash extensions can safely make you feel younger, fresher and more polished.

4. What is the maintenance required?
Since our natural lashes shed at different rates, touches up appointments are necessary to attach an extension to the new growth.  The majority of my clients come in every 3-4 weeks for a one hour maintenance visit. They are actually quite simple to take care of and every client loves the ability to wake up feeling beautiful without the hassles (and clumpiness) of mascara.
5. BeautyScoop is called an edible beauty accessory.  Do you believe that it can help your eyelashes and your overall beauty?  If so, how? 
I definitely believe BeautyScoop can help your eyelashes and overall beauty.  Nurturing and nourishing your beauty from within and promoting hair growth can positively affect overall lash health.

Ria Hountas-Pagliaro, R.N., has been deemed a "lash artist" by Vital Juice,  An avid blogger, she is the owner of Lashtique in NYC and Long Island.  She can be reached at  (718) 974-2821 or
registered logo Shake Your Beauty! 
by recipe-of-the-month contest winner,
Nancy Greenberg, New York, NY
1/4 cup peeled cucumber
4 mint leaves, washed and dried
1/4 cup white grape juice
6  ice cubes
1 packet of BeautyScoop

Put the cucumber, mint and grape juice in the blender and blend for 30 seconds.  Add ice and blend for an additional 30 seconds.  Add 1 packet of Beauty Scoop and blend for an additional minute.  Pour into a glass, garnish with a mint leaf, grape and cucumber slice on a toothpick and drink immediately! Refreshing!



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