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Beauty Break Newsletter
May 2009
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Hurray for May!  Spring is well underway and Summer's a-coming.  No time to waste if you are trying to get your skin, hair and nails ready for their summer 2009 debut!

In this issue, Dr. Yagoda will focus on skin by providing you the 'skinny' on sun protection.  Here is the all-you-need to know guide on SPF, UVA, UVB and more.  In addition, check out our interview with Laura Geller, make-up artist extraordinaire as she shares her most valuable beauty tips and make-up essentials with us.

Keep those recipes coming!  This month we congratulate Kimberly McFarley, from Maui, Hawaii  who won a box of BeautyScoop in this month's recipe-of-the-month contest!  Her delicious "Taste of the Tropics"  was chosen (see recipe below) in a taste test by our team of judges.  Remember that when you share your favorite BeautyScoop beauty break recipe, we will automatically enter you into our monthly drawing to win your free box of BeautyScoop! 
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As always, we promise to keep bringing you the best new beauty products and endeavor to exceed your expectations as we move forward in 2009.
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The ABC's and Z's of
SPF:  Most people know that SPF stands for sun protection factor and that few users apply enough sunblock to do the trick! What some may not know is that if you apply, for example, an ample amount of sunblock with an SPF of 15, you can stay in the sun 15x as long as someone who is not wearing any sun protection, to get the same damage.  The 'damage' we reference is from the sun's UVB rays.  Since the SPF pertains only to UVB rays, there is no standardized way to quantify a product's ability to protect against damage from UVA rays.  In simple terms, it doesn't matter what the SPF number is, you probably don't have enough UVA protection from the sun's damaging UVA rays!

UVA/UVB:  "What's the difference", you might ask, and "Why is it important to me"?  The sun's UVB rays are the milder, "tanning" rays, but the UVA rays are the aggressors - causing premature aging, sun spots and skin cancers.  You may have been surprised to learn that there is currently no rating scale to assess sun protection from UVA rays, but have no fear...there is something you can do to arm yourself!  Choose a product labeled with the words "broad spectrum UVA/UVB"  to provide you with the insurance you are looking for. A simple "UVA/UVB" label is not enough as it only indicates that there is some, limited UVA protection.  Because the UVA spectrum is so large, it is extremely difficult to block all waves in the UVA spectrum.  A product with the label "broad spectrum UVA/UVB"  should assure you solid protection from UVA rays. 

Zinc:  Zinc is a safe, familiar and reliable element.  Long used on baby's bottoms as an anti-inflammatory in cases of severe diaper rash and used equally often on lifeguards' sun-burned noses, zinc has a familiar place in medicinal history.  Micro-aerosolized zinc is a clear cousin of the older white pasty version.  It provides the broadest spectrum of any sun protection ingredient and is the only ingredient safe enough to use on children under six months of age. 

With the ABC's and Z's of sun protection, you arenow officially armed!
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Beauty Tips from Laura Geller, President and Owner of  Laura Geller Makeup Studios

1. What is your special secret tip for women, who are short on time in the morning, to freshen up their look? 
Even out your skin tone by using a great complexion cover-up.  Then use eye liner to bring out the shape of your eyes.  Add a great lip gloss instead of lipstick, so you don't need to be perfect with your application. Dab on a little blush and mascara and you are done.  All told, this should take you 5 minutes, tops!  And, it's easy because the only place you need to be precise is with your eyeliner. 

2.  If you could recommend one single "must have" beauty item for Spring 2009, what would it be and why?
Long wearing lipstick and gloss (like my own Carrie's Lips!!!) is the one thing you shouldn't be caught without.  This combo keeps your lipstick on all day and the color is very tropical and soft.  Since the color stays on all day, you only have to re-apply gloss for shine.

 3. Can you share any of your special make-up tips for camouflaging wrinkles?
Light diffusion is key.  Products that have optical diffusing properties, such as my own Liquid Candlelight Shimmer, help to blur the signs of aging - those unwanted fine lines and wrinkles.  The optical effect leaves your skin looking flawless.  Use a makeup primer (like my Spackle) that contains silicone to help resurface the skin before you apply your makeup and you won't believe the glow!

4. Do you think BeautyScoop - the edible beauty accessory plays a role in enhancing make-up
Yes!  Makeup enhances you from the outside, but it is what you put into your body that enhances your beauty from the inside. 

In 1993, Laura opened Laura Geller Makeup Studios on New York City's posh Upper East Side.  The Studio's purpose was simple:  to teach women the how-to of cosmetics and hands-on technique to master it.  Laura sought to simplify makeup application.  "I saw a void in the makeup industry. Women didn't know how to apply makeup, so I wanted to communicate my knowledge and experience," she says.  Today, the studio is a showcase for Laura's eponymous line of cosmetics, sold in department stores and on QVC,  and is also where those in-the-know flock for 5-star makeup application, brow shaping and more.
kiwi mango papaya taste of the tropicsShake Your Beauty! 
by recipe-of-the-month contest winner,
Kimberly Mc Farley, Maui, HI

2 ripe kiwifruit, peeled
2 oranges, peeled
1 cup chopped mango
1 cup chopped papaya
4 ice cubes
1 packet of BeautyScoop

Put the kiwifruit, oranges, mango and papaya through a juice extractor.  Pour into a blender and add ice.  Blend for 30 seconds.  Add 1 packet of Beauty Scoop and blend for an additional minute.  Pour into a glass and drink immediately! This ultimate pick-me-up is packed full of Vitamin C.  Put some spring in your step by adding 1 ounce of Coconut, Banana or Mango rum.  Let's celebrate the alcohol's effect! No, not that one ~ the one that causes increased absorption and more rapid results!! 
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