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Holiday Newsletter
December 2008
BeautyScoop packet

We hope that you enjoyed our first newsetter.  Remember that In each newsletter you will find articles on beauty and wellness trends, or perhaps an interview with an invited special guest, or an update by the co-founders.  In addition, you will discover an inspirational recipe and a special promotion for you, our loyal fans! 
In keeping "green", BeautyScoop is pleased to announce that you can now "Track Your  Beauty Progress" on line on our website at www.beautyscoop.com.  No more paper to mark, simply set up your own account and monitor your weekly progress on line! 

Congratulations to Beth Woodward, from Atlanta, Georgia who won a box of BeautyScoop in the first monthly recipe contest!  Her delicious drink (see recipe below) was chosen in a taste test by our team of judges.  Remember to enter our recipe-of-the-month contest to win your free box of BeautyScoop!  And, feel free to send suggestions, criticisms and (hopefully) compliments to us as at info@beautyscoop.com.  We promise to keep bringing you the best new beauty products and endeavor to exceed your expectations.

The BeautyScoop Customer Service Team

Winter Beauty Advice
from Julie Clevering Morgan,
make-up artist to the stars...

Make-up Tricks for Winter Dry Skin
1. Winter skin dreams of exfoliation and ample hydration, but so do your lips!  Don't forget them!
Tip: After applying make-up, place a bit of face cream between your hands and rub them together to warm up the cream....then press this warmed face cream onto your cheek bones for a hydrated glow!

2. Foundation primer is very helpful to create long-lasting even skin tone. On some clients,  I  use tinted moisturizer followed by stick foundation applied by brush.  This evens skin tone where needed.  I love Shu- Uemura #18 Goat Hair foundation brush.
Tip:  Circulating the foundation brush over the skin to give the skin a little massage and stimulates the blood flow.  You will see radiant skin.

3. As we layer our clothing in the winter, layer your make-up! 
Tip:  Use a cream blush first and then a sweep of powder blush to keep your make-up fresh.  You will look as if you've been on the slopes all day.
Beauty Trend: 
Value for the 'recessionista'...
What's on the 'recessionista's' 2008/9 holiday wishlist?  BeautyScoop, the multi-tasker, of course!!  It is an incredible value! BeautyScoop addresses all 3 of your own natural beauty accessories - your skin, hair and nails - within 3 weeks! For the first 3 weeks, it costs less than a Starbucks coffee each day and gives you not only a delicious and healthier beverage, but also, clinically-proven results! Once you start the maintenance program, it costs less than a subway ride ($1.30 per day)!

Beauty + Value = BeautyScoop

Beauty is Power!  Drink it in!
mry facebook photo
Integrative Beauty 
 Dr. Michelle Yagoda,
NYC Facial Plastic Surgeon 
& BeautyScoop Co-Founder 

Q:  What is 'true' beauty?Is it the right shade of lipstick, the most beautiful nasal tip or the perfect skinny jeans?
A:  'True' beauty is integrative beauty, that is the combination of  looking, feeling and being beautiful. 

Q:  Isn't looking beautiful, really the only necessary component?
No!  How many perfect noses do we see on emaciated and lifeless women? Looking beautiful is important~but it is only one component of integrative beauty.  As a facial plastic surgeon for more than 15 years, I certainly understand the importance of looking beautiful.  A refined and straight nose, an angular neck and jawline, youthful eyes and a relaxed brow can augment one's beauty.  Non-surgical interventions, can improve skin texture and color, reduce scars, eliminate wrinkles and more.  But well-executed surgery and expertly performed procedures can not provide the glowing skin, shiny hair and healthy nails that reflects inner health and wellness.  Looking beautiful is only one necessary component of integrative beauty. 

Q:  How does a woman feel beautiful?  Does she need a mirror for this?
In order to feel beautiful, a woman does not need a mirror!  She needs to eat a healthy diet, be well-rested and keep well-hydrated.  She will likely find exercise, yoga and meditation to be useful methods to increase her vitality and reduce stress.  Women who are healthy and fit tends to look and feel more beautiful. 

Q:  Is there a secret to being beautiful~it seems complicated...? 
Perhaps this component of integrative beauty is most difficult to achieve.  Simply, this translates into happiness and radiance.  Healthy and balanced relationships anchor us to our loved ones.  Spirituality may connect us to our world at large.  When we broaden our perspectives, and focus on happiness, we nuture ourselves and this allows us to be beautiful.  

Shake Your Beauty!pear
by recipe-of-the-month contest winner,
Beth Woodward, Atlanta, GA.

1 ripe pear, peelied, cored and quartered
1 1/4 cups ginger ice cream
3 tbsp. heavy cream
2 gingerbread cookies, crumbled

Place all the ingredients except the ginger cookies into a blender and blend for 1 minute.  Add one packet of BeautyScoop into the blender and blend for an additional 1 minute.  Pour into a glass and top with crumbled cookies.  Serve immediately!  For a BOOZY treat, add 2 tbsp. of Poire William to the other ingredients before blending!

Free Gift
with Purchase

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