Avalon Free Public Library

Avalon Free Public Library
235 - 32nd Street
Avalon, NJ 08202

Di Chi Dance Classes taichi
Mondays Jan 4-Feb 22, 5-6pm
Di Chi combines both elements of Tai Chi & flowing, strong dance moves. For more info, click here
Scottoline and the BAS back this summer! Lisa Scottoline
Award winning, legal thriller author / columnist, Lisa Scottoline will be returning to Avalon on August 18th, 2010. Jed Gaylin conducting the Bay-Atlantic Symphony will be returning for the 4th season of Symphony By The Sea. Concerts are scheduled for July 17 and August 28.
...but will it help my air guitar playing? Guitar Class
You might not be the next Hendrix or Segovia, but then again... Beginner guitar lessons with Chris Nagle will cover basic chords, tuning, scales and tablature. Class begins January 6, 6:30pm.
The July 18, 2009 BAS Concert on CD Bay Atlantic Symphony Concert
 A CD of the Bay-Atlantic Symphony's July 18th concert in Avalon is now available at the following locations: Chamber of Commerce, Ocean Galleries, and Armadillo. You can also purchase them directly from the Bay-Atlantic Symphony by contacting their offices at 856-451-1169 or info@bayatlanticsymphony.org.
Got time on your hands? Ongoing Programs
Ongoing programs at AFPL:
Library Knitters - Mondays,  3:30pm
Creative Writing - Jan 2 & 16, 10-12. Podcasts
Italian Culture Group - Jan 13 , 3:30pm
Memoir Writing - Jan 9 & 23, 10-12, Podcasts
Scrabble - January 11 & 25, 6-8pm.
Is Anybody There? Is Anybody There
Is Anybody There is this month's Fim Movement offering. The movie grapples with the sad truths of getting older and losing loved ones,  while maintaining a sardonic wit and sincere warmth. Stars Michael Caine. Official website. Jan 21, 7:00pm.
Crayola's Need Not Apply! Watercolor Painting Class
Exploring a different surface for watercolor.
Working with transparent watercolor on gesso offers many of the advantages of working with opaque mediums yet retains the elements that make transparent watercolor so unique. Description and Supplies. Jan. 23, 10am-3pm.
January 2010
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Reel Time
Post Grad
Ryden Malby graduates from college and is forced to move back into her childhood home with her eccentric family, while she attempts to find a job, the right guy, and just a hint of where her life is headed. 
Jan 12, 7:00pm
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Music Lecture With Paul Somers

"Okay. What is Dissonance Really?"
7-8:30pm, January 26

Staff Favorite Links 

Medline Plus: Diets - So you made a New Year's resolution to lose weight. With all the Christmas cookies behind us, it is time to pay the piper. But what diet to use? The National Library of Medicine and the National Institutes of Health have put together a great resource that will help you explore some of the options and make an informed decision about which plan suits your needs.

New Year's Recipes - Food Network & allrecipes 

OpenOffice - So you need some productivity software, but don't want to shell out for Microsoft Office. How does "free" sound? OpenOffice.org 3 is the leading open-source office software suite for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, graphics, databases and more. It is available in many languages and works on all common computers. It stores all of your data in an international open standard format and can also read and write files from other common office software packages. It can be downloaded and used completely free of charge for any purpose.  

NASA: Lessons of a Widow Maker (And Other Aircraft) - If aviation history is your thing, this is a great page to whittle away the time in. The website opens with the sound of a jet taking off, and then proceeds to show an array of games, books, and other intriguing elements. When visitors click on the photos of the planes here, three boxes pop up that contain an "Overview" of the plane, the "Specifications" of the plane, and an "Image". But even more fun is when visitors click on the PDA that sits near the coffee cup on the desk. A larger version of the PDA screen pops up, and a menu of videos is shown. The videos range from the birth of the B-29 in 1944 to a 1966 video of a zero gravity flight facility to the 2006 roll out and take-off of a Lockheed U-2. Visitors should definitely click on the MP3 player that sits near the lamp on the desk, and there they can learn the titles of the funky electronica music that is the soundtrack to the homepage. Additionally, clicking on the "Learning Channel", from the "Music Channel", enables visitors to hear brief lessons on various aircraft-related topics, such as "Ice and Aircraft", "Morphing Aircraft", and "Models and Testing".
100 Useful Links For eBook Lovers
 - So you got an eBook reader for Christmas. Here are some useful links to help you add content to your reader...and some of it is free!
2009 Best of What's New: 100 Best Innovations of the Year -  From Popular Science Magazine.
Maggwire - Maggwire's goal is to lead the magazine industry toward a successful digital transformation. With over 10,000 magazine titles attracting 200 million American readers, Maggwire makes discovering magazine content a personalized experience. Utilizing social intelligence, Maggwire's system recommends magazine articles you will enjoy reading from over 600 magazine titles. Based on your historical reading preferences, Maggwire learns what you like to read. As you rate articles with 1-5 stars, Maggwire begins to build a personalized profile of your interests. The more articles you rate, the more accurate Maggwire's recommendations become. To find out more about Maggwire read the "About" section, or watch the "How to Use Maggwire Video".
Caring for Aging Parents - Here is a wealth of information that will enable sons and daughters to make informed decisions about their aging parents' care. Topics include: home design, home safety, adaptive equipment, fall safety, aging and sleep, medication management, housing options, travel for seniors, and senior drivers.
Drawings by Rembrandt and His Pupils - This interactive website from the Getty Museum feels almost like a game that teaches players to distinguish the work of the master, Rembrandt, from that of his pupils. Pairs of drawings are presented for viewers to compare, for example, Rembrandt's Daniel in the Lions' Den, 1649, is matched with a drawing of the same subject by Constantijn Daniel van Renesse. Viewers can zoom in or out, for closer examination of the works, and expand and collapse item information. There is even a cheater's button, titled "show point of interest", that will reveal the major differences between the drawings. Clicking this button for the Daniel pair brings up the differing details - the master depicts the lions as ferocious beasts with open jaws and shaggy manes, while the pupil's animals are smaller and less menacing and are drawn with "regular, even" lines. Requires Flash Player.
Route 66 - Even though Route 66 hasn't formally existed in twenty years, it is part of America's love affair with cars, travel, and getting lost. This excellent travel itinerary created by the National Park Service's Heritage Education Services "aids the public to visit the historic places that recall those images and experiences that are reminders of our past and evidence of the influence of the automobile." The homepage features historic images of old motel facades and long-gone department stores along Route 66, mixed in with images of the Route today. To get a sense of the road's genealogy, visitors would do well to look through the illustrated "Essays". Here, they can learn about the road's origins, its rise, decline, and renaissance over the past 85 years. Moving on, users can click on the "List of Sites" area to read about featured sites in each of the eight states that the road passes through. Finally, the "Learn More" area is a glorious cornucopia of related websites that tell the story of the places and people associated with the road, including Dell Rhea's Chicken Basket in Hinsdale, Illinois and the Seligman Historic District in Arizona.