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EDA 2009 Year-End Update
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In This Report . . .
Three Major EDA Investigations
Project Plans for 2010 
New Services and Features

In this quick year-end report, we'd like to share with you:
  1. Three major EDA investigations
  2. Our project plans for 2010
  3.  Improved website features and services we offer
And,  we'd like to ask for your support,
as we work for more honest, transparent elections accountable to the public.
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EDA Sues Riverside County for Release of Public Election Records 
After working quietly since spring, EDA can now announce our first legal
action, a lawsuit in Riverside County, CA, to compel release of public election records for the November 2008 general election.

We expect that this case will set new standards for the enforcement of public election observation rights. We also expect to turn up critical new evidence about the inner workings of proprietary vote-counting software.
Our Riverside-Sequoia election records queries have uncovered two new avenues for investigation, into apparently illegal software components embedded in Sequoia Voting Systems.


Help EDA pursue more legal actions like this one,
with your earmarked contribution to the Public Record Elections Project

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Citizens' Exit Poll Finds Vote Manipulation in New Hampshire
In 2008, EDA carried out the largest-scale citizen exit poll operation ever, with the help of 300 volunteers working more than 60 polling sites in 7 states. 
Now, expert election investigator Richard Hayes Phillips has written a definitive report on the
2008 exit poll findings.

In many examples, our exit polls closely tracked the official voting reports, confirming the fidelity of the elections and the accuracy of our polling methodology.
However, in some instances, notably in New Hampshire, the EDA exit polls varied widely from the officially reported results, signaling some serious election manipulation.
EDA Study Shows Probable Corruption of California Proposition 8 
EDA exit polling in Los Angeles County, CA, also turned up startling evidence of apparent vote-count manipulation in the same-sex marriage measure,
 Proposition 8 .
R. H. Phillips' report details how he systematically analyzed the numbers and ruled out demographic factors such as age, gender, party affiliation and race, leaving only vote count manipulation as an explanation for the huge disparity between how people reported they voted, and what the official numbers said.  
Our Plans for 2010

Begin Preparing Now for 2010 Election Verification Exit Polls
Building on what we learned carrying out the 2008 EVEP operations, we plan to start earlier and do
everything better in 2010.  We will be prepared  to issue findings of election irregularities quickly enough to make a difference.


Your Donations Now Will Give Us a Head Start on EVEP 2010

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Pursue the Riverside County Election Records Lawsuit Wherever It Leads
We expect to win our public records lawsuit, and that the court will order  the Riverside elections department to provide complete records for the November 2008 election as EDA requested, and for all
public election records requests in the future.
If Riverside seeks an appeal, EDA would welcome the opportunity to win this case again on the appellate level, establishing precedental case law upholding the public's right to know how their votes are counted.
Our Riverside/ Sequoia records requests have opened up at least two major new paths for investigation and legal action, concerning the apparent presence of illegal operating code mixed in with election databases, and the uncertified, apparently  illegal "BPS" software Sequoia uses to prepare ballot definition files.

Advancing The Arizona Transparency Project
Building on the achievements of the Pima RTA investigation (documented in the EDA feature film, "Fatally Flawed") our 2010 plans include:
Taking the Fatally Flawed film on tour promoting grassroots election investigation;
Applying the security and transparency measures developed in Pima County, to Maricopa and other Arizona counties;
Promoting the ballot-image scanning protocol for election verification, and perhaps reintroducing the proposal as a state legislative bill.

Donations Earmarked AZTP Will Pay a Living Wage for EDA Investigators

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Taking Election Integrity to the Airwaves with EDA-Public News Service
We are eager to resume our
election integrity radio news coverage on the Public
Radio News network.  We hope to expand coverage from California to multiple additional states, and to increase our audience with parallel Spanish language production.
If you can help us fund this highly cost-efficient means for educating the public about election integrity, please contact Dan[at]ElectionDefenseAlliance[dot]org

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Visit the EDA Store page to view a selection of election integrity books and films we offer you as our thanks for your tax-deductible contributions to EDA.
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Fatally Flawed  
This  EDA film production documenting a 3-year EDA Arizona Transparency Project investigation, is a true detective story about a $2 billion transit bond measure passed under suspicious circumstances in Pima County, Arizona, and a grassroots election investigation that uncovered computerized election fraud and led to the largest court-ordered release of electronic voting database records in U.S. history.
For your donation of $35 or more

Witness to a Crime   
This 430-page hardcover first edition, autographed by author Richard Hayes Phillips, delivers the evidence showing exactly how the 2004 presidential election was stolen in Ohio. The book comes with a 600 MB CD containing 1200 digital images of actual 2004 election ballots, poll books, and other elections records. Much of the evidence preserved here was subsequently destroyed by Ohio election officials, in violation of federal election law and a federal court order.
Improved Website Features and Services
If it's been a while since you visited the EDA website -- or logged in to your account -- we encourage you to come back, log in, and check out the links on the
New Services and Features page .
Start with a refresher course at the EDA Website Guide.
See the Content Creation Guide and learn how easy it is to contribute articles.
We have a new General Volunteer Registry, where you can design a volunteer role that matches your interests and availability.

Our new improved Election Integrity Newsfeed delivers a daily stream of selected election integrity news stories from around the nation, to your browser or RSS reader.

For a complete listing, see New Services and Features
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There's no better time to JOIN than now.

We've ramped up Group collaborative features (wiki, forum, blog, calendar, chat, and mail) on the new EDA2 website.

If you are already a Working Group member, please visit the new improved Working Group Forums ,  update your account preferences, and add your suggestions for practical volunteer work you would like the Groups to pursue.

Consider running for election to the EDA Coordinating Council.
We have multiple openings for Group Coordinators and Co-coordinators and will be holding elections for these roles in January.

If you're motivated to make a difference, make the EDA Working Groups your social laboratory for change.

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