October 17, 2011

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Businesses Face One in Four Risk of Disaster Over Five Years!
Washington State Researchers Find Inspections Save Money
Workplace Violence: Focus on the Cause Rather than the Event
Comments on Recordkeeping Changes Due October 28
OSHA Document Seeks to Prevent Nail Gun Injuries
New Safety Search Engine Up for Testing
ASSE Announces Approval of Groundbreaking PtD Standard
New Website Provides Training Resources
New CDC Yellow Book Released
Studies Recommends Rotating 8-Hour Shifts Forward
Canadian Podcast Addresses Proper Workplace Lighting
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Chip DawsonThis health, safety and environment electronic update comes from Chip Dawson and the Rochester Business Alliance as a service to member organizations.
MTE imageBusinesses Face One in Four Risk of Disaster Over Five Years!
That's what the data shows-one quarter of all companies in the United States will declare a disaster during a five-year period. Are you ready? Chances are the answer is a grudging "no." We know that half of all companies do not have an emergency or contingency plan. Those that do most likely do not keep it current, run tests to make sure it works or actually conduct training so everyone will know how to fill their role in the plan.

Those of us who specialize in emergency management are learning more every day. A lot has changed in the field in the past ten years. Dealing with the media, including social media, has become more complex. Data storage and recovery techniques have changed. The risks seem more severe and less controllable.

To help you address the threats and the changes, the Rochester Business Alliance is offering a new edition of Managing the Emergency on Nov. 15. The day-long session will include new material along with time-tested approaches and several group exercises to challenge your thinking and build your skills. This program is designed for group training, so schedule several members of your emergency management team. To register, contact Michele Hefferon at 256-4614 or Michele.Hefferon@RBAlliance.com.
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Washington State Researchers Find Inspections Save Money

A research team from the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries has examined ten years worth of inspection and claims data and found that claims and claim costs drop significantly following a safety inspection or safety consultation. Claim and cost reductions were greatest following a citation. To see an executive summary of the study, click here. If you would like help with a safety consultation or program assessment, call (585) 461-1549 or e-mail ChipDawson@aol.com.

CA shooting image
photo by Paul Sakuma, AP

Workplace Violence: Focus on the Cause Rather than the Event

OSHA is targeting workplace violence and the media seems to be full of it. A "peaceful, church-going" man in California shoots several coworkers at an early morning safety meeting after being repeatedly accused of reckless driving in the quarry. He reportedly felt it was racism. In Indiana, a 24-year-old shot four co-workers because he was teased and harassed by people because of his weight. "It's about respect" he told police.

Schools have now been forced to deal with bullying and harassment and there's a message there for business. If you allow a toxic culture to exist, you're headed toward a crisis. A threat assessment instructor at the FBI Academy says that 71 percent of those who act out violently communicate their concerns in advance. Employers-and employees-just fail to read or hear the clues. The consequence is that 3,000 died in workplace homicides between 2006 and 2010 and there are over 15,000 nonfatal injuries annually! 


Comments on Recordkeeping Changes Due October 28

Safety and health stakeholders now have until Oct. 28 to offer comments on OSHA's proposed revisions to the occupational injury and illness reporting requirements. The changes would require employers to report all work-related fatalities and any in-patient hospitalizations to OSHA within eight hours. Amputations would have to be reported within 24 hours. At present, amputation reports are not required and only three or more hospitalizations are required to be reported. In addition, OSHA plans to update the list of businesses that are not required to maintain logs because of low levels of incidents.

nail gunOSHA Document Seeks to Prevent Nail Gun Injuries

OSHA and NIOSH have partnered to develop new guidance to help construction employers and workers prevent work-related nail gun injuries. According to Assistant Secretary David Michaels, nail gun injuries are responsible for 37,000 emergency room visits annually. Nail Gun Safety - A Guide for Construction Contractors can be accessed by clicking here. 


safety awakening imageNew Safety Search Engine Up for Testing   
Dave Weber, who runs the Safety Awakenings web site, has developed a five-step safety search algorithm and would like to hear what safety pros think of it. It can be used to research any workplace safety or health topic. While slower than a Google search, the quality of the results may justify the extra time invested. Test it and let Dave know what you think.  He will use the input to improve the process.  Click here to access the site.
ASSE Announces Approval of Groundbreaking PtD Standard   
The American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE) recently announced the approval of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI)/ASSE Z590.3 standard, "Prevention through Design: Guidelines for Addressing Occupational Risks in Design and Redesign Processes." This new standard provides guidance on including prevention through design concepts within an occupational safety and health management system, and can be applied in any occupational setting. The standard will be available soon in print and electronically. For more information, contact ASSE Customer Service at 847-699-2929 or customerservice@asse.org.  
training safety imageNew Website Provides Training Resources   
OSHA's new Safety and Health Training Resources page was developed to help users locate an amazing wealth of occupational safety and health training materials, all in one location. The page provides links to materials developed by grant awardees, trainer materials, videos available through OSHA's loan program, OSHA-developed materials and links to training resources by other organizations. All materials are free and many are available in several languages. To access the page, click here.
yellow book imageNew CDC Yellow Book Released   
To stay abreast of health risks at home and while traveling abroad, healthcare professionals and travelers rely on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) "Health Information for International Travel," known more commonly as the Yellow Book. The CDC just released the 2012 edition of the Yellow Book. Updated biennially, the Yellow Book is the only publication for all official government recommendations for international travel.

The book features disease risk maps, required immunizations, information on where to find healthcare during travel and advice for those traveling with infants and children. To order a Yellow Book, call 1-800-451-7556 or click here.
Studies Recommends Rotating 8-Hour Shifts Forward   
According to the shiftwork experts at Circadian, several studies have provided evidence that forward rotations (day, evening, night) do, in fact, benefit shiftworkers. A 1992 study by Peretz Lavie of a microelectronic factory, for example, focused on how moving to a forward rotation affected sleep and sleep quality. Workers performed skilled manual work requiring a high level of alertness and attentiveness. A group of 11 workers moved to a weekly forward rotation, while a control group stayed on a backward rotation.
iTunes logoCanadian Podcast Addresses Proper Workplace Lighting   
The Canadian Center for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS) produces free monthly podcasts on a wide variety of topics. Those interested can download the audio segment to a computer or MP3 player and listen when convenient. This month's edition of Health and Safety To Go! features Proper Lighting in the Workplace. The podcast explores how poor lighting can affect worker productivity, and offers tips on conducting a lighting audit. The podcast runs 2:31 minutes and can be accessed by clicking here.
To see the complete list of podcast topics and to subscribe to the series on iTunes, click here.

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