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We have this treasure in jars of clay to prove that this all-suprassing power is from God and not from us... II Cor. 4:7

Easter and Mother's Day


We've just finished another beautiful Easter season; very soon we'll be celebrating Mother's Day.This year is the closest Easter and Mother's Day have come together in dozens of years.At first blush these two days have little in common.


Recently, my husband and I visited Israel and stood once again at the empty tomb. It's debatable whether the site where we stood is really "the" site, but that begs the question. Those of us who claim the name of Christ as Risen Saviour truly believe that He is Risen indeed!  In a world of conflict, depression, illness, and so many difficulties, Christ is "the" answer to each and every need of man.  We serve a Risen Saviour; He's in the world through our lives and in hearts, and one day He will return to claim His world. I want to be ready!


And now, Mother's Day:  Whether your mother is living or gone on, whether she was good to you or perhaps not, she is still the one who brought you into this world, and if for no other reason than that, she deserves respect. A few years ago, my daughter left me a message on my phone which I have kept. It was a loving, emotional message which she ended with: "Thanks, Mom, for giving me life." Our mothers give us earthy life, and He gives us the gift of eternal life.  Perhaps these days have more in common than thought.

Empty Tomb 2011

He is Risen Indeed! - At the empty tomb: 2011


The Body: God's Temple
Alaska 18 Month Calendar
Popular Church Office Seminar

The Body: God's Temple

Neither David nor I ever been extremely overweight, but asDinner Plate we grew older we began to put on unncessary pounds.  With these punds, David developed border line high blood pressure and inherited high cholesterol just got higher.  In the fall of 2009 a friend encouraged us to do something about our weight.  So, January 1, 2010 together we set out on a new life style. We found a program that really works, bought into it and stayed with it.  Within four months, each of us had taken off 35 pounds, and we've kept it off now for an entire year.  David's blood pressure and cholesterol are BOTH down.  I've dropped three sizes, and so has he! 


It's no secret that America is overweight.  With this added weight comes all sorts of physical problems, followed by depression, and more. I've never been much for "dieting," but we began to realize that our body condition wasn't a good witness, and we felt respons-ible for our own personal health.  Changing life style took discipline, yet the rewards are well worth it. 


With our recent return from two weeks overseas, it was shocking to actually see the "size" differance between the US and other parts of the world. Even more stunning is the obvious overweight among Christians.  Scripture clearly states that  the "body is the temple of God."  Well put.  Much has been mentioned in our churches about alcohol, addictive drugs, pornography, etc., but,  I've heard little about abusing the body through overeating.  I suspect that as many Christians sturggle with weight issues as those who struggle with drugs, alcohol, or pornograhy.  In a day when the Christian witness is under more scrutinty than ever, this is an area that respnsible believers truly want to address.  If you're interested in knowing "how" David and I changed our life styles and have been able to stay with it, I'ld love to share our path with you. 


If interested, just give me a call:  (316) 204-1234 or (541) 858-1777.

New for the 2011 Alaska season: 18 month calendar!

On May 19, I begin my 10th season as Alaskan naturalist. I'll be cruising alternate tours on the Coral Princess; one week north from Vancouver to Whittier, and the next south with the reversed itinerary.  I'm scheduled to return Sept. 26.  Even though there is a lot of preparation, this is an amazing job with opportunities that are limitless--in relationships, beautiful scenery, and amazing wildlife.  Like the last several years, the sumnmer Eblast will be combination of Vessel news and Alaska updates. 

Earlier  an email was sent about the new Alaska calendar that I've produced for the 2011 season.  So many responded to the introductory offer that I've decided to extend it through May.  ALL the photos are my own, and the calendar is a blend of unbelievable wildlife and drop-dead gorgeous scenery.  You will LOVE it.  The calendar begins with July 2011 and runs through Dec. 2012. Postage is free!

Alaska CalendarAlaska Calendar

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The Church Office: Ministry or Madness? continues its popularity with churches around the country. This spring, it's been my privilege to present the seminar in five sites:  Wichita, KS; Nampa, ID; Portland, OR; Seattle, WA: and Dover, DE.  If your denomination or local group of inter-denominational churches would like to schedule one of these seminars this fall, please contact our office assistant, Merilyn Thompson at (208) 249 9920 or email our office:  If you'd like to read more about the seminar, CLICK HERE!