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Love from your Heart...
February is the month
Slamp Clan - Christmas 2010 - Those I hold most dear! 
Slamp Family Clan - 2010
when hearts turn to love, sweethearts, candy, and flowers. All this is good! It's true; when you really love someone or some-thing, you will literally do anything for him or her, or go to any lengths to pursue that passion.
In my personal devotions, I have just finished reading the Book of Acts. It's no secret that Paul's life was drastically changed on the Damascus road. With that transformation came a passion for the message of Christ's salvation, and no one or no circumstance could stifle Paul's zeal and courage in spreading the very same gospel that he had spent his life ridiculing. What a change. As I've re-read the familiar story of Acts, I've been struck yet again how the man Paul kept his love and passion for Christ foremost--despite all sorts of efforts to derail and destroy him.
Love does that! True love has no boundaries, limits, or time and financial constraints. We all love our families; hurt when they hurt; and would do anything for them. And yet, our passion for Christ "should" supercede even the deepest earthly love.  Paul said it best: "I am per-suaded that neither death nor life nor angels no princi-palities nor powers shall be able to separate me from the Love of Christ." Let it be so!
Prayer and Praise 
January 2011 has presented some
The 3 of us - Mother's Day 2009
Mom, Dana,
challenges for three generations of women in our family. We all appreciate your continued prayers and praises as life continues.
1. Mother (90) broke her hip and had a hip replacement. I visited her last week; she is doing very well--a switch from two years ago. PTL!
2. Yours truly has had an anxious month. After two mammograms and a biopsy, last Friday I received a clean bill of health. PTL again! Our lives are in His hands, and I know that no one is exempt, but that phone call sure brought joy to my heart and to our home!
3. Last week our daughter, Dana, underwent extensive facial surgery followed by cosmetic work to remove a cancer from her nose. Please keep her in your prayers for a COMPLETE healing with NO scarring.
God is good and His ways we'd not change! Our lives continue to be in His hands!
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Iowa Lutheran Seminar 2009
Iowa Luncheon 2

Vessel Ministries is scheduling retreats and Church Office seminars. If you are interested in either, please contact our office.
2011 Church Office Seminars schduled to date:
Witchita - Feb. 22
Portland - April 5
Seattle, WA - April 7
Boise, ID - pending
 Baker's Dozen Plus One!
Many churches are taking the Clinging Cross in lieu of flowers to hospital patients, families in grief, etc. The cost is less than a bouquet, and the cross lasts for ever! If you are interested in pur-chasing crosses in bulk, please con-tact our office. The cost for one is $18.00. We're offering a "Baker's Dozen Plus One"  That's 14 for the price of 12!
The Clinging Cross
Clinging Cross
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