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Happy 2011 from Kathy Slamp & Vessel
Dear friends of Vessel Ministries

It's always difficult to realize that a new year i
The Slamps speaking in Seattle March 2010
s here, but the years just keep coming! It only seems yesterday that everyone was concerned about the year Y2K, and now an entire decade has passed.
It was in 2001 that we launched Vessel Ministries, so we will "officially" be 10 years only March 1! Wow! God has blessed abundantly, and we thank Him for all the opportunities to minister in so many different places and to so many different venues, as well as the thrill of meeting so MANY beautiful people. Ten years ago, we could have never imagined all the ways He would lead.
And now, as another New Year and decade begins, we're right where we were in 2001! Available to be His "vessel" wherever He leads.
As each New Year unfolds, we never know what is in store; life is an adventure and replete with surprises--both good and  sad. Personally, this year brought the departure of my older brother, Jackson. We are also saddened for our dear daughter-in-law with the passing of her sweet mother.  On a "happy" note, though, both David and I lost 35 pounds in 2010. Whoopee!!
Ecclesiastes says that there is a "time and a season for everything under the sun." As 2011 begins, my prayer for you as that God will be with you throughout 2011 with all its adventures and surprises. He says He will, and He does.
Kathy Slamp
Speaking Availabilities & FREE Materials
Crossroad Com. Church Woman's Day
Farmington, NM - Nov. 2010
Farmington Group prayer
Since Vessel began in 2011, there hasn't been a time when men and women need to be together for encouragement and challenge more than today!
If you are an event planner or know an event planner, please don't "give up!" God is blessing despite the economy. In 2010 God blessed in mighty ways in different locations and venues. I'm aware that event planners are booking later than usual, and we're attempting to adjust to that change.
As you plan your next retreat, woman's day, couples retreat, etc., please be in touch. We will work with you in any creative way possible to help your event happen AND be a success.
The Vessel website has some fantastic FREE promotional materials ready for you to download and use. Check to view:

Jackson Thomas: 1940 - 2010
Jackson & Me in his library - 2007
In August my brother, Jackson Thomas, passed away after a valiant fight with leukemia. At that time I wrote a brief tribute to him in which I mentioned that his prized earthly possession was his 5,000 volume personal library. This is the ONLY recent picture I can find of the two of us, and (of course) it's in his library. Jack you will always be missed!  I loved you from Day 1!
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2010 Reflections
Reaching the top of Reid's Falls near Skagway
Kathy at Upper Reid
Coral Princess - Scheduled
2011 Summer Cruise ship
Corel Princess edited
Brown bear in the wild
Haines, AK - July 2010
Haines Brown bear

Dinner with "some" 2009 Alaska Companions - Jan. 2010
Alaska Cruise Companions

Farmington Lunch
Crossroads Com.  Lunch  - Nov. 2010

Hawaii Salvation Army Retreat
 Oahu - April 2010
Hawaii 2010 framed