Vessel Ministries Eblast October 2010

Dear friend ofd Vessel Miistries

Another magnificent sunmmer in Alaska is past and after 17 weeks I arrived back "home" in Medford on Sept. 20! I was only here three days when I flew to WY for a marvelous beginning of the 2010 Fall season!  It was my privilege to speak for a ladies' retreat as well as the Sunday servic
Sunnyside Church - Kinnear, WY
e in a fantastic, authentic, and HEALTHY country church near a little town -Kinnear, WY! The church began as a log church 70 years ago and sets on the prairie several miles from the closest town, but on Sunday AM people came from everywhere. Since the church began, they have expanded to an amazing plant--including fellowship hall, sancturary, parsonage, and offices. I was truly blessed by these beautiful people!  Nearly 10 years ago, Vessel Ministries began and I continue to be amazed at the doors He opens! Please continue to pray for this ministry; these are challenging times for those of us who feel this "call." If you know of a venue, please let our office know and we'll do whatever it takes to "make it happen."
Kathy Slamp
Vessel Ministries
316-204-1234 or 541-858-1777
Many of you are always interested in my Alaskan summers. This one was unbelievable. We had fantastic weather; I saw two
Alaska's volcanic Mt. Redoubt
mountains (Redoubt & St. Elias) that I seldom EVER see; passengers were terrific, and this was a summer for bear sightings! I have a few pictures either on Facebook or the Vessel Ministries site. Wiithin the next week, I'll be" able to post a lot more. In case you are wondering what I do on the ship, here is a run down of just a "few things I did this year: 
  1. Made 68 formal presentations in the Princess Theatre; over half the time to SRO crowds.
  2. Was introduced by the CD at 25 Welcome Aboard shows.
  3. Narrated 17 times from the bridge at either Tracy Arm, Hubbard Glacier, & College Fjord. Tracy Arm narrations begin at 5:30 AM.
  4. Conducted 17 informal "Meet the Naturalist" drop bys.
  5. Made 30 or more sail-away narrations--from Seattle, Vancouver, Victoria, Whittier, Skagway, Ketchikan, and Juneau. 
  6. On each sea day of every cruise made a very brief 3-4 minute morning bridge announcement as to where we were.  Occasionally, at these times we had a "chance" whale spotting.
  7. Made at least one announcement during each cruise about the pilot arrival or departure. Passengers love this, too.
  8. Made at least 17 visits to the bridge at either Snow Pass or the Brothers Islands to help the passengers spot whales. About 80% of the time we were successful!
  9. On nearly every cruise I was asked to work with the video-grapher either with audio and/or video to be a part of the "Reflections at Sea" DVD.
  10. On the 6 trips south from Whittier, I made some brief narration in the Canadian waters of Blackney Passage, etc. There is certainly a reason that they call it "Beautiful" British Columbia
Vessel Ministries exists to encourage men and women to be His vessels in the world in which we live! Indeed, we do "have this treasure in jars of clay to prove that this all surpassing power is not from us!" (II Cor. 4:&)
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Alaska 2010
A Note from Kathy
The Clinging Cross
A Note from Kathy...
Although this was a beautiful summer, it was saddened first by the death of our daughter-in-law's mother; they by the death of my older brother; and last by the death of my aunt in Seattle. Each of these dear people will be great missed.

Alaska is so very inspiriting. Each week of each cruise I make a final "goodby" statement from the bridge. Alaska seems to be on everyone's "bucket list."

Soaring Alaska  bald eagle!
So I usually thank the passengers on my behalf and that of Princess cruises for taking this incredible journey. Everyone in the world comes to Alaska, and although everyone isn't religious, I've discovered that everyone is spiritual! So I end my farewell with these words I leave with you for the month of October.
Whatever you do and where ever you god, may you "run and not be weary, walk and faint not, and may you rise up on wings as eagles, and may God bless you richly whatever you do, whatever you san, and wherever you go!

Kathy Slamp at College Fjord 2010

Clinging Cross
The Clinging Cross by Tidings of Love continues to be incredibly popular with people everywhere. It is such a wonderful tool for encouragement and support. With the holidays coming soon, I'm certain that many of you will want to purchase them. Please get your order in now so that we will have time to get as many in stock as needed. If you're interested in purchasing them in bulk, just call the office (541) 848-1776, and we will work with you.

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The picture below is Hubbard Glacier on a "perfect" day; I could have stepped right into Heaven!