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Kathy says "Hi" from Alaska! Vessel
Dear Vessel Ministries friend

As most of you know, I travel in Alaska each summer for
Hubbard Glacier - 6.5 mi. wide
Hubbard Glacier
Princess Cruise Lines
; this year I was scheduled to leave home June 13, but last Tues., May 18, that all changed. Princess contacted me then and asked if I could leave May 22! I wasn't ready, but David and I felt like I couldn't say "No" either. So, together, we worked like crazy, and I'm here!

Usually in this spot I leave you a devotional, but right now I am so very overwhelmed by this week. I have made over 100 cruises to Alaska, and I cannot recall a single week that was more beautiful. Both at Hubbard Glacier and Glacier Bay, there wasn't a cloud in the sky! God's wonderful and magnificent creation is truly beyond words; it's difficult to see how anyone could doubt God when you experience a week like this one. The "Word" says, if we don't praise Him, the rocks will. And the rocks, glaciers, rivers, oceans, and mountains have been singing this week.

My "job" on the ship is to highlight Alaska and share my knowledge of it. That is so much fun for me because I love it so. One thing I've learned over the years in speaking to thousands of men and women from every country in the world, every religion, every lifestyle, and every language: Everyone may not be "religious," but everyone is certainly spiritual. As you think about me this summer, please say a pray that God will help me touch that spiritual spot in people.

Updated Alaska Website
Alaska Website Banner

One of the MANY things I was trying to finish before I left home
Orca eyepopping.
Orca EyePopping
this summer was an updated Alaska site. It is now up and running and looking better every day. If you have ever been to Alaska, are interested in Alaska, or know someone who is, I believe this is one of the better sites "out there." Not only does it include information about what I do, there is a fantastic Alaska photo gallery, a blog page where you can post your Alaska questions or comments, and an Alaska Bookstore that features the Alaska books and DVDs I've written or produced. You can reach this site now through two links:

Fall 2010 and Spring 2011 Vessel Schedule

We are continually updating the fall 2010 and spring 2011 speaking Kathy by Fountain (green background)schedule, and that this time there are quite a few dates available. You may ALWAYS contact me through the 316 number below or the email. Since I'm in Alaska this summer and often out of touch, you may also contact my assistant, Merilyn Thompson: 208-466-1406 or through her Email.

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