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October/November 2011

Greetings In The Name of Jesus!

A warm welcome to those who have recently subscribed to this list! Thank you so much for subscribing to our newsletter. This is the first. So it is with great joy we communicate with you today.

For those of you who received this particular newsletter last month here's an explanation of why we are sending it again. We had such a positive response from many of you, that it seemed right we should send it again. 

Below are two articles which I pray will be a blessing to you. One from me which is a word I got from the Lord on October 7th 2011.

Also, we have thoughts from Bob Goyer who shared with via email. I'm delighted to include his word because we both feel what we are sharing are complimenary and are what is on God's heart for us... the the Body of Christ...right now.

We are living in the most amazing time in history. This is a time foretold by the prophets of old. The time of the restoration of all things, and the outpouring of God's Spirit in these last days (Joel 2:28-32).
Blessing, Grace and Peace!          

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David Drew - A Servant Of The Lord Jesus Christ
Vision Of A Cross
Different To What I Expected
Jesus and the crossOn October 7th 2011 I saw a vision of a cross. It was up in the clouds on the skyline silhoutted with the sun behind it, peeping through some clouds.

The Lord asked me what I saw. "I see a cross on the skyline." Then He asked me who was on the cross, and I realized that the cross was facing the sun and that I was looking at the back of it. I said, "I can't see who is on the cross." He then allowed me to look at the front of it and I saw a crucified figure much like pictures we see of Jesus on the cross. He asked me again who was on the cross. "It's Jesus on the cross." He said no, you've got it wrong, it's not Jesus, it's you on the cross." I looked harder trying to recognise myself but because of the crucifixion ordeal my face was distorted and unrecognizable. What I realized was significant because the cross (with me on it) was facing the sun (Son).

The Explanation of The Vision

Here is what He said next: "This is the most wonderful sight we can ever see! Seeing one of our sons crucified brings them "home" to Us. The crucifixion of their flesh opens the door for Our resurrection life to flow. We are now free to have access to those who have been crucified. The flesh is the thing that blocks Us from fully making Our home in human beings. The flesh is much more insidious than people realize. To hold on to even a little bit it, because of the fear of losing control, is the very thing that stops Our life from flowing. To give up (lose) control, is the most liberating thing a person can experience. God (Us) living in a person is what makes them truly whole and truly 'Sons of God,' as recorded in Romans 8."

Then he said, "Do you see it?"

I said, "Yes Lord!

I then read Romans 8 in the Amplified bible with fresh "eyes." Wow! I had read many, many, times before but never saw it in the light of this image He presented me with today.

I suggest you do the same without delay!

This is the key to the Glory being revealed in us!

It's the key to becoming the same sons of God that the whole of creation is waiting to see!

Let the true sons arise!

Let's crucify the flesh in us quickly...without delay. The King of Glory wants to come in! (Psalm 24)

David Drew

The Body of Christ  

By Bob Goyer 


Ephesians 1:22-23. Jesus is head over all things to the church which is His body, the fullness of Him that filleth all in all.


Our physical body cannot live without the head. In the same way, the spiritual body of Christ, the church, cannot live without being connected to the head. The head cannot function without the cooperation of the body. Thus, Jesus needs His body, the church, to be connected, and in cooperation with Him, as the head of the church.


Our physical body responds to the head in a seamless and effortless fashion. It is Jesus' desire that His body respond to His promptings, commands and leading without effort. He is in us, the church, and we are in Him. There is no separation between the Head, Jesus, and the body, the church. As a member of the body of Christ, His desire is that His interests and passions become ours, so He can express Himself through us to a dying world. His desire is that the world sees His glory through His body.


We are not expected to manufacture faith, love or any other spiritual characteristic of Jesus. Rather we are to receive His love and faith so He can express Himself through us to others. We can't do this unless we are a member connected to the Head and acting in cooperation with other members of His body.


In our physical body when we hurt ourselves the pain is registered in the head.  In like manner, Jesus feels and experiences the pain and sorrow we go through. Jesus said to Saul, "Saul, Saul, why do you persecute me?"Jesus didn't say, "Saul, why do you persecute my church or my family." Instead He referred to Himself as being persecuted. Saul, later to become Paul, was persecuting Christians even to the point of killing them. Because each Christian is a member of His body, Jesus was experiencing the persecution at the same time as the member.


We are His people, His family, His building. But even more important, we are His body. We are His spiritual flesh and bones. Ephesians 5:30 "For we are members of his body, of his flesh, and of his bones."


Our usefulness in the Kingdom of God does not depend on our talents, skills, abilities, knowledge or wisdom or circumstances. It depends on our closeness to the Head. It depends on how much we allow ourselves to decrease and for Him to increase in us. It depends on how much we allow His life to be lived through us.


Bob Goyer