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As winter quarter comes to a close, we encourage you to take advantage of the many campus resources that promote your health, wellness and safety.  Take a study break and relax by attending a concert or art exhibit.  Borrow a bike from the RPAC and enjoy the warmer weather.  Check out the many health and wellness opportunities below. 
Arts and Sciences Program Highlight
History is a key to understanding the human experience.   More than 600 majors learn from a faculty that counts among its members a National Book Award winner and a  Knighthood from the King of Spain.  Excellent teaching is a hallmark of the History studentsdepartment and has been recognized at both the individual and departmental level through receipt of numerous awards.   Students who major in history learn about both western and non-western civilizations and choose a specialty of their choice to provide depth to their learning.   The Department encourages research and offers scholarships to help fund original research.  The Department also provides scholarships for study abroad, including the Department's unique World War II Study Tour to London, Normandy, Paris and Berlin.  Whether in the classroom,  the library, or the winding streets of Toledo, Spain, the study of history is alive at Ohio State.     
Student Organization Highlight
The Psychology Club is Psychology Cluba resource for all students who are interested in Psychology.  Meetings include guest speakers, movies, events and more.  Want to know more?  To receive updates on future events just email

Freshman Seminars

First-year students can take advantage of small, discussion-
based seminars led by distinguished faculty.  Spring seminars focus on  community service, experiences of German women during the Nazi era,  the art and science of LEGOs, human traffickingcomedy and improv and more!  
Spring Quarter Freshman Seminars

Take A Professor To Lunch 

Compliments of Arts and Sciences!

Sharing lunch and an informal conversation is a great way to explore educational and research opportunities, to identify or confirm your career direction, as well as build an educational relationship - an important factor when requesting a future letter of reference.  More information and online application


Career Corner - Student Internships
Red Cross Intern
Eric Bookmyer

Anna Baylor (Sociology major) and Eric Bookmyer (Psychology major) are current American Red Cross interns exploring the field of Human Resources.  "It is gratifying to work for an organization that offers so much to help the community become healthier while learning about myself and my future along the way," says Eric.  "I especially enjoy the people that I work with each day; they are welcoming and very helpful," adds Anna.

Search FutureLink for internships in the nonprofit, corporate, and government sectors.

Student Wellness Resources

Open to all OSU students, the Student Wellness Center can help you enhance the nine dimensions of wellness: emotional, occupational, social, intellectual, spiritual, physical, financial, aesthetic, and environmental.  They offer numerous events and provide services that address:  Stress and Sleep, Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs, Financial Education and Counseling, Sexual Violence Education and Support, Healthy Relationships and Sexual Wellness, Healthy Eating and Active Living.  Visit them on the first floor of the RPAC or check out!

Counseling and Consultation Service (CCS)
We're all different posterCCS offers free counseling and therapy to help address personal, mental health, academic and career concerns.  Both individual and
group counseling are available.  Psychiatric services include a co-pay and are available on a limited basis to CCS clients.  For service availability, immediate assistance or to make an appointment, call 292-5766.  For hours and other information, please go to the website at:

Counseling and Consultation Groups  

Safe GroupNumerous groups are offered through CCS.  Some are population and/or issue specific, while others consist of skill building and experiential learning.  Most groups have 5 to 8 members.  Groups are free and open to all enrolled students. 

A sample of groups from the full list:

From Surviving to Thriving                    Colorful Women

Eating Disorders and Body Image        Men's Groups  

Living and Succeeding with ADHD        Depression 

True Selves: A Gender Spectrum Group   

International Support Group for Women 

Campus Safety 
Plan ahead to ensure your safe travel to and from evening university activities. Contact Student Safety Services to schedule a free campus escort.  Winter quarter vehicle escorts are provided from 6 p.m. to 3 a.m.

Arts and Sciences Study Abroad Scholarships  

International Experiences Grants - Preference given to students with Pell Grant eligibility.

Keith and Linda Monda International Experience Scholarships-Supports students who would not normally be able to afford to study abroad. 

Humanities Scholarships - For humanities majors. 

Macklin with Monkey 

Apply for all by completing one online application  


Application Deadline - March 8, 2012 

Social and Behavioral Sciences Undergraduate Research Grants
Student with skullsResearch grants for students who have a declared major in the  social and behavioral sciences and whose research projects involve extraordinary costs.  Online application.
Application Deadline - April 9, 2012 
Mayers Summers Research Scholarships
The Mayers Summer Research Scholarships provide funding for  natural and mathematical sciences majors who will graduate by summer 2014 with "research distinction" or "Honors research distinction."  Applicants are not required to be Honors students.  Eligible students are encouraged to apply for this scholarship and three other summer research awards by completing one application.  More Information.
Application Deadline - March 16, 2012 
Stone Lab - Scholarships
Stone Lab, Ohio State's Island Campus on Lake Erie offers summer college-credit classes.  All students taking for-credit courses are eligible for scholarships.
Application Deadline for Scholarships - March 13, 2012
Application Deadline for Classes - March 19, 2012 
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