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It may seem as if the quarter has only just begun, yet registration for Winter Quarter is almost here.  Advising appointments fill up quickly.  Plan ahead by scheduling an appointment with your advisor now.  Be certain to check your email in mid-November for our next issue. 
Arts and Sciences Program Highlight 
Biology enrolls more students than any other major offered at OSU.  Students may specialize in Forensic Biology, Life Sciences StudentPre-health Professions, Education in the Life Sciences, or propose an individualized specialization.  The major draws courses from a variety of departments facilitating opportunities to double major -- something many students choose to do.  Students graduating with a biology major are well-prepared for diverse careers in the life sciences, and many pursue further studies in graduate and professional schools.  Advising for this interdisciplinary major is housed in the Center for Life Sciences Education located in Jennings Hall.
Student Organization Highlight  
American Sign Language (ASL) Club
The ASL Club works to expand the knowledge of ASL, and increase deaf awareness, to OSU students.  They are involved with the local deaf community, and offer a great way to practice ASL and meet other students who share an interest in the language and deaf culture.  Students, staff, faculty, and members of the deaf community may join the group for meetings, events, and socials.  For more information on club meetings and events, visit the ASL Club web site or watch the ASL Club video.

OSU Professional School Fair   
November 9 - Wednesday
4:00 - 6:00 PM; Ohio Union Great Hall Meeting Room 3
Professional School Fair 2Are you interested in law, business, veterinary medicine, medicine, or another health profession?  Admissions representatives from ten OSU colleges and schools will be available to talk with you about their programs and what's involved in applying.  Undergraduate advisors will also be available to talk with you about courses and programs that can help you prepare for the next step in your education.  OSU colleges and schools attending.  Brought to you by the Arts and Sciences Student Council. 
Outstanding Teaching Award
Outstanding Graduate Associate Teaching Award

The Outstanding Teaching Awards recognize the valuable OTAcontributions of the many College of Arts and Sciences outstanding teachers. Nominate an Arts and Sciences faculty member or an Arts and Sciences Graduate Teaching Associate for this award.  These awards are notable because they are completely administered by ASC undergraduate students through the College of Arts and Sciences Student Council.  Submit your nomination online before December 9. 
Take Your Professor To Lunch   
Compliments of Arts and Sciences!
Sharing lunch and an informal conversation is a great way to explore educational and research opportunities, to identify or confirm your career direction, as well as build an educational relationship - an important factor when requesting a future letter of reference.  You are eligible to receive two free meal cards once per academic year.  Remember to confirm the date with your faculty guest before applyingFunding is limited so request a meal card for yourself and your faculty guest soon by submitting an online application.
From Arts and Sciences Advising
Enrollment appointments have begun.  If you have a quick question about scheduling for winter quarter, you can stop by 100 Denney Hall during our walk-in hours, Tuesday and Wednesday from 1:00 to 3:00.  For more information visit Arts and Sciences Advising and Academic Services, call (614)292-6961, or visit 100 Denney Hall.  Honors Program students should call (614)292-5104 for an advising appointment or visit 207 Enarson Hall.
Career Corner

Squeezing time into one's schedule for career planning is typically a challenge, a new contest is being offered to make the planning process more enjoyable.  Ready to Achieve the Competitive Edge (R.A.C.E.) is sponsored by the Arts and Sciences Career Services Office.  The contest is designed to help Arts and Sciences majors prepare for their future career by completing a series of activities, such as having a resume reviewed or participating in a networking event.  Each completed activity will earn the student a "stamp" on their official R.A.C.E. passport.  Students who complete 3 out of the 5 activities during the contest period (November 1, 2011 to February 10, 2012) will be eligible for the grand prize . . . a NOOKcolor!  Learn more about R.A.C.E.

Advising Connect
Are you unsure who your advisor is?  Do you have more than one advisor and are not certain which person to contact?  Log into Advising Connect (found on the Buckeye Link web page under Enrollment and Academic History) for your advisor's name, an explanation of how each advisor may help you, and notes from past meetings.  Academic advisor appointments can fill quickly.  Schedule your appointment today!
New General Education Curriculum (GEC) Course
New GEC course for Winter 2012:
ASC 230/230HE-Conversations on Morality, Politics, and Society Offered in parallel with the university's year-long conversation on immigration (Immigration COMPAS), this course will study processes of public discourse, but also enact a discourse on the pressing topic of immigration.
Freshman Seminars
First-year students may enroll in small, discussion-based seminars led by distinguished faculty.  Winter seminars will focus on horror films and culture, intuition and discovery, the appeal of manga, light and sound waves, what makes us human, tabloid journalism, and more!  Each seminar offers a unique opportunity to work closely with our faculty.  For a full listing of seminars and seminar descriptions check out Winter Quarter seminars.
Ready for the quarter to semester switch?  A joint project of Undergraduate Student Government (USG), the Office of Student Life, and the Office of Undergraduate Education, MySwitch provides information about how this change will affect academics, student life, finances, and study abroad.  Do you have questions about this transition and your coursework?  For answers, schedule an appointment with your academic advisor.
Study Abroad & Research Funding Deadlines  
October 27: 
Arts and Sciences Study Abroad Funds
October 31: 
SBS Undergraduate Research Grants
November 4:
  Arts Undergraduate Research Scholarships
November 22:  Arts and Humanities Research Small Grants
For additional resources contact your department(s).
Campus Life Tips
Would you like help with your writing?  The Center for the Study and Teaching of Writing (CSTW) offers free help at any stage of the writing process.  They can work with you on many writing projects including research papers, lab reports, resumes, and application materials.  They also maintain a resources page with writing handouts and weblinks.


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Answer to the last question is Hagerty Hall.  Visitors to the Crane Café can watch broadcasts in:  Arabic, French, Italian, Portuguese, Cantonese, German, Greek, Hindi, Japanese, Russian, Chinese, Hebrew, Korean, and Spanish!   

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