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Save the Date! VaOHC's 2011 Oral Health Summit is October 21
Coalition Initiative Recognized Nationally
ADA Releases Principles to Repair and Enhance Safety Net Programs
Physicians & Dentists Team Up
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VaOHC 2011 Oral Health Summit


Save the date!

The Coalition will host the 2011 Oral Health Summit on Friday, October 21, 2011, at the Jefferson Hotel in the heart of downtown Richmond. The Summit will feature experts on medical and dental collaboration, pediatric oral health prevention and diagnosis, and oral health policy. The fee is $35 for members and $75 for non-members. Continuing education credit will be offered. The Jefferson is offering a very reduced room rate of $125 for those of you needing overnight accommodations.


Registration information will be available soon on the Coalition's website


Thank you to our Premier Sponsors Delta Dental of Virginia; DentaQuest,LLC;  Small Smiles and Virginia Dental Association, and our Distinguished Sponsor the Medical Society of Virginia.


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Coalition Initiative Recognized Nationally

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The Coalition's Virginia Dental Home Initiative(VDHI) trainings were recently highlighted in the Head Start Dental Home Initiative's national electronic newsletter. The article reported that, following the instructional sessions, all of the Head Start participants have been incorporating the motivational interviewing strategies they learned into their daily work with parents and caregivers.


The next VDHI trainings will be held in Richmond and Hampton Roads. Check the VaOHC website for updates.


August 2011 Bulletin

ADA Releases Principles to Repair and Enhance Safety Net Programs


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The American Dental Association (ADA) has released a white paper, "Breaking Down Barriers to Oral Health for All Americans: Repairing the Tattered Safety Net," that outlines seven (7) principles to successfully "repair and enhance" oral health safety net programs in the U.S. The paper uses national data and current state-level examples, including Virginia's Smiles for Children program, to highlight its message that existing programs can be strengthened to collectively offer widespread improvement.


The ADA's fundamental principles of success are:

  • Prevention is essential.
  • Everyone deserves a dentist.
  • Availability of care alone will not maximize utilization.
  • Coordination is critical.
  • Treating the existing disease without educating the patient is a wasted opportunity, making it likely that the disease will recur.
  • Public-private collaboration works.
  • Silence is the enemy.

With limited available funds, the ADA emphasizes change through education, advocacy and action, and underscores the need for more coordinated care efforts. 


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Physicians and Dentists Team Up to Fight Childhood Dental Disease 


Medical and dentistry practitioners met in Seattle this past July to discuss the collaborative fight against childhood dental disease. The symposium, co-sponsored by the University of Washington (UW) Department of Pediatric Dentistry and Seattle Children's Hospital, brought together family physicians, pediatricians and dentists to explore new ways to manage oral health in children. "This approach makes so much sense," said Dr. Joel Bergman, chairman of pediatric dentistry at UW. "Medical and dental partnerships are especially valuable in identifying and treating children at high risk for early childhood caries."


Read more about the conference and the campaign to fight childhood dental disease.



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Of Interest


CODA to Set Accreditation Standards for U.S. Dental Therapy Programs 


The Commission on Dental Accreditation(CODA) is working to develop accreditation standards for dental therapy education programs in the U.S. CODA will use the standards to evaluate current education programs, establish accreditation program policies and procedures, and determine and publicize accreditation statuses. Virginia does not currently have a dental therapist program in place




Mouthwashing Moms Less Likely to Deliver Prematurely


PregnantA new study suggests that expectant mothers with gum disease, also known as periodontal disease, are less likely to deliver their babies prematurely (before 35 weeks) if they use mouthwash during pregnancy. The study hypothesizes that gum disease causes inflammation which increases the production of prostaglandin - the same chemical involved in labor. Regular use of alcohol-free mouthwash appeared to cut these womens' risk of early labor by three-quarters.



AAP Oral Health Risk Assessment Tool


The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has developed and tested an Oral Health Risk Assessment Tool that can be easily incorporated into primary care practices to assess oral health risks during health supervision visits. An online tutorial is also available to accompany the tool.



Dental Practitioners Screen for Diabetes


Dental practitioners can accurately screen patients for diabetes and prediabetes using results from two measures they already routinely assess, a periodontal examination and a glucose test, according to a new study in the Journal of Dental Research.  



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