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Winter 2012                                                                                                   Volume 1, Issue 1

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Upcoming Events
Did You Know?
Moffitt Cancer Center's 2010-2011 Annual Report
Community Corner
2012 Men's Health Forum
Community Benefits Report
Communication in Health Care
Addressing Health Disparities in the Community
Addressing the Needs of Hispanic/Latino Cancer Survivors
Moffitt Diversity Programs Receive Recognition
Michelle Obama Teams With Goya Foods
Participate in an Evaluation Research Study
Moffitt Day 2012

Upcoming Events


2012 Men's Health Forum


Look Good Feel Better


Miles For Moffitt


Did You Know?

Nurses are available to talk to you about your diagnosis as well as point you towards clinical trials underway. You can call or e-mail our Cancer Answer nurses from

8am-5pm EST

Monday through Friday.


Moffitt Cancer Center's

2010-2011 Annual Report

2010-2011 Annual Report
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"Community Conversations"

A radio show that explores key topics that matter in our community.  Conversations revolve around the physical, mental, educational, and economic health of our community.
Dr. B. Lee Green, vice president of Moffitt Diversity, is a co-host of the show.
Saturday Mornings from 10am - 11am on WTBN 570 AM or 910 FM
Click here to listen live

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Community Corner 

On April 27, 2011, Moffitt Diversity held a seminar on "How to Plan a Health Fair". Community Partners were invited to participate and learn how to plan an effective community event, design flyers, writing a press release, and the "do's" and "don'ts".  


Diana Lyles, R.N., Parish Nurse with Christ Our Redeemer Lutheran Church in Temple Terrace, shared with us how the lessons she learned helped at a Health Festival held on February 11, 2012.
Health Festival

The "How to Plan a Health Fair" seminar that I attended not only gave me a plan of what to do, but also gave me the confidence to know what I was doing as I had never planned a health fair before.


Some key issues that helped me were:


1. Choose a theme.  I decided that since I was the Parish Nurse  (Faith Community Nurse) of Christ Our Redeemer Lutheran Church, and we address the Body, Mind and Spirit, that the theme should be A Health Festival for the Body, Mind and Spirit.  It was at your seminar that I got the idea of not only screening tests, but also various lessons for the mind and healing prayers for the spirit.


2.  Choose committees.  I asked various church members to be in charge of parking, advertising, set-up, clean-up and food.


3.  Signs.  Keep them simple and easy to read. We have a couple of artists at church. One of them agreed to design and make the poster that I penciled on a sheet of paper.


4.  Time-Line. I did one and it kept me on track.


5.  Food. Our biggest problem was how much food to prepare since we did not know how many to plan for.  I wanted 400 so we had plenty left over.  We had close to 200 including visitors, volunteers and exhibitors.  We did not have the space for 200 more people. So, 200 was a good number.  Next time, I'll have to plan for more space.  God knows better than I do what is needed.  Prayer works.


6.  Media-Press Release.  Keep it simple and to the point and include all relevant information.


These are some of the reasons that the Health Festival was as successful as it was.


I sincerely thank you for having the seminar because it definitely helped me.

2012 Men's Health Forum 
Mark your calendars for the upcoming Men's Health ForumIt will take place on Saturday, March 17th from 8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. at the Marshall Student Center on the Tampa campus of the University of South Florida.  Now in its 12th year, the Forum will once again offer free wellness check-ups for male Florida residents who are underinsured or without insurance.
    2012 MHF Flyer_English
    click on flyer to see a larger image
Here's are some of the check-ups available: 
  • Blood Pressure 
  • Body Mass Index (BMI)
  • Cholesterol (Total)
  • Diabetic Foot Screening
  • Flu Shots
  • Glucose/Sugar
  • Hepatitis A,B,C
  • HIV / AIDS / STD
  • Lung Function
  • Memory
  • Skin Cancer
  • Vision  
Prostate exam vouchers will be distributed to men who qualify.  This voucher enables men who meet the criteria to get a free prostate exam at Moffitt. Attendance at an educational workshop is required. 
If you want to attend, let us know!  Visit us at or call us at 1-888-MOFFITT, option #5.
2012 Men's Health Forum Public Service Announcement
2012 Men's Health Forum
Public Service Announcement
 Follow The Men's Health Forum on Like us on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter 

Moffitt Diversity Publishes Report on Community Benefits 


2010 Community Benefit Report

"Moffitt Cancer Center is proud of the significant contributions it has made toward improving the health of Florida's citizens. We also are proud of the many partnerships throughout the Tampa Bay area, the state and nation that allow us to make a difference. Working together only makes us stronger and more committed."


"We also invite you to join us in the continued pursuit of initiatives that will promote a cancer-free future for Florida."


William S. Dalton, PhD, MD - President and CEO, Moffitt Cancer Center


The Community Benefit Report is a comprehensive resource highlighting many of Moffitt's community involvement activities, as well as partnerships established. Please visit this link to read about Moffitt's impact throughout the community, or click on the image above.

«Disculpe, doctor, pero no le entiendo»: Communication in Health Care 

Prado Antolino, M.A., CT, CMI

Language Services Manager


Medical Interpreting EncounterCan you picture yourself going to your oncologist and not understanding what he or she is saying? Can you imagine going home from the pharmacy and not being able to take your medication because you cannot read or understand the instructions on the label? Even if those situations seem

far-fetched, they are the reality for many patients in this country.


Fortunately, the law makes provisions to help them: 

  • Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 mandates all health care organizations that receive federal funding provide reasonable and meaningful language access to all patients.
  • The Joint Commission, the entity that accredits health care organizations, has strengthened its requirements so that organizations improve effective communication between their health care providers and patients who have vision, speech, hearing or cognitive impairments. 

Moffitt Cancer Center supports these goals, and expects that all patients and family members can communicate effectively with their health care team every time they come through the doors. The Language Services team works to accomplish these goals by providing translation (written communication) and interpreting (verbal communication) services. The team consists of professionally-trained, certified Spanish translators and interpreters, a Spanish/American Sign Language interpreter, and a dispatcher. You have the right to receive your medical information in the language you prefer. This is provided free of charge to patients and family members. 

Addressing Health Disparities in the Community

Jenna Davis
Jenna Davis, MPH
Although men have higher cancer mortality rates than women, men are less willing to be screened for cancer when they have only general information about the screening, according to a study published online in the November 2011 issue of the American Journal of Men's Health conducted by Moffitt Diversity's Research Coordinator, Jenna Davis, and Vice President, Dr. B. Lee Green, and colleagues at Sanoa Consulting LLC and New York University. 


The purpose of the study was to examine beliefs and attitudes held by men and women about cancer screening to gain insight for improving existing cancer health promotion practices. The screening participation gap between men and women may be related to several factors. For example, more cancer awareness promotions in the media are aimed at women's breast cancer; there is a lack of government sponsored men's cancer awareness campaigns; and studies indicate that women visit their primary care doctors more often than do men.


Other study results show when men are provided with the details of screening procedures (for example, who conducts the screening, what the screening requires men to do) were slightly more likely to participate in cancer screening than women. These findings indicate that there is a need for better health and cancer screening promotion among men. This means that health educators, physicians and community-based organizations should make a concerted effort to educate men on exact screening procedures, explain how cancer is detected, and communicate what to expect during screening.

Addressing the Needs of Hispanic/Latino Cancer Survivors


Promotores Training 


On November 1-2, 2011, M-POWER staff provided a two-day LIVESTRONG Promotora training at the Embassy Suites. Funding was provided by the LIVESTRONG mini grant competition won by M-POWER. Promotoras are community health workers who serve as cultural liaisons between health care providers and the community.


The Promotoras represented a diverse community groups, including medical providers, students, social service providers, case managers, community advocates, cancer survivors, church leaders, and Moffitt staff. 


The all-Spanish training covered topics about the day in the life of a Promotora, including cancer survivorship in the Latino community, and utilizing LIVESTRONG Health Guides for survivors.  At the end of the training, all participants took and passed an exam that certified each one as a LIVESTRONG Promotora. These new Promotoras get quarterly emails informing them of community events. 


The Promotoras were also invited to a reunion in January.  While there, they shared stories of success with helping Latinos in the Tampa Bay area.  Many had already spoken with survivors and shared the tools they received during the training; including, the LIVESTRONG Survivor Diary, where patients document their pain, medications, provider contact numbers, and treatment plans.  In addition to distributing materials, Promotoras provided support to newly diagnosed cancer  patients, as well as community members in need of health related resources.


This dynamic and motivated group of women was very passionate about the training and grateful to have the opportunity to participate in this program and support their community.

Moffitt Diversity Programs Receive Recognition

Make A Difference
"Make a Difference" campaign team accepts the Nick Porter Award
The annual Team Awards ceremony, held on November 14th, celebrated Moffitt's commitment to quality and provided a venue for faculty and staff to share their best practices and performance improvements within the Cancer Center. 
Diversity Unplugged was the Team Award winner in the category of Excellence in Diversity.  Diversity Unplugged is a Moffitt Diversity sponsored forum for Moffitt employees to discuss and learn about diversity, inclusion and cultural competence.  Past topics have included: Strategies for Working Effectively Across Generations, Cross-Cultural Communication: A Focus on Behaviors/Skills, The Difference Between Us.
Special congratulations to the "Make a Difference" campaign
team members voted to receive the Nick Porter Award (formerly the Spirit of Moffitt Award). The Nick Porter Award is the highest honor a team can receive at the annual Team Awards celebration and is presented to the team that exemplifies teamwork and support to Moffitt. 
The "Make a Difference" campaign was a partnership with Walgreens that raised more than $223,000 for Moffitt Diversity. During the "Make a Difference" campaign, Walgreens customers purchased and signed $1 and $5 "Make A Difference" circles in stores to benefit outreach programs at Moffitt. The campaign  took place in nearly 300 stores throughout the West Coast of Florida and in south Georgia during June. Some stores went the extra mile by holding community fundraisers where Walgreens associates washed cars, held bake sales and collected donations from customers. The month-long initiative focused on early detection and prevention, as certain populations have a higher risk for cancer. Moffitt programs to address these issues have experienced dwindling funds.
Michelle Obama Teams With Goya Foods to Bring 'Mi Plato' to Hispanic Families


Nikki & Michelle Obama
Nikki & Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama was in Tampa on Thursday, January 27th, to promote healthy eating in the Hispanic/Latino community. Goya Foods is partnering with First Lady Obama to promote a program called Mi Plato (my plate).  This program is being used as a tool to encourage Hispanic families to make healthy food choices and serve foods in appropriate portions.


Our very own Nikki Ross-Inda was invited to the public event and was able to get this wonderful photo with the First Lady. Congratulations Nikki and we hope to see Moffitt Healthy Kidz as a national partner with this health campaign!!!


Participate in an Evaluation Research Study

The Witness Project® of Tampa Bay, a national outreach program developed to increase awareness, knowledge, access to screening, and early detection of breast and cervical caner in the Black and African American communities, is conducting an evaluation research study, and needs your help!
 Click on the flyer for more information.

Moffitt Supporters Carry Message of Hope to State Leaders

Moffitt Cancer Center Day in the Florida State Capitol, held Jan. 18, 2012, successfully focused statewide attention on the critical need for state funding of Moffitt's cancer research, treatment and education efforts
This year's sixth annual Moffitt Day event was bigger and bolder than ever before,
Moffitt Day, ACS Rally 2012
Video of Moffitt Day
ACS Rally 2012
involving nearly 100 Moffitt supporters, including grassroots advocates from 10 Florida counties, clinicians and staff from several Moffitt departments, and 12 intrepid volunteers who journeyed 300 miles on bicycles from Tampa to
Tallahassee to raise awareness for our cause.
Moffitt Day 2012 included meetings with more than 80 state legislators by members of the Speak Out for Moffitt coalition who traveled to the Capitol by bus, as well as, Moffitt exhibits in the Capitol Rotunda, and Courtyard and an evening reception at the Capitol.
Adding to the excitement again was the arrival of the cyclists from Cure on Wheels, which raises funds to combat cancer through cycling events held throughout the year. As the cyclists raced across the finish line at the steps of Florida's Historic Capitol, they received a hero's welcome from Moffitt CEO Dr. William Dalton, Cancer Center founder H. Lee Moffitt, and hundreds of cheering cancer survivors from Moffitt and the American Cancer Society's Cancer Action Network.


Click here for more information.

How You Can Help
To support Moffitt's effort to reduce cancer health disparities through research, education and awareness, please consider a contribution to the Cancer Health Disparities Fund at the Moffitt Foundation or a contribution to the Moffitt Diversity Fund to support our outreach programs which will help us continue the message of prevention and early saves lives.
More information is available at, or




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