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August 2012
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  President's Message


My how time does fly (another 'goose' reference!), and it is great to be flying with the NTMCA.  Cliché I know, but oh so true.  Since taking office as President in October 2011, we have worked through the Spring/Summer election cycles, a successful professional seminar and continued with strong attendance at our monthly meetings, which showcased the NTMCA Empowerment Series.  All these activities were aimed at providing value and benefit to our members, and I am so grateful to those who have taken this journey with me.  We have enjoyed a fabulous year with more excitement and success ahead. 


Special thanks to Diane Callahan (Highland Village) for hosting the July Meeting.  We enjoyed a presentation from Sharon Kohl as she presented the 10 Rules for Juicy Living.  We all committed to be a Plum, not a Prune!  All agreed that Sharon can come back anytime and join our flock.


In other action, the membership approved earmarking the revenue proceeds from the March professional seminar to the Special Projects Fund.  Doing so, gives the membership the ability to designate how the funds are expended in the future. 


The proposed slate of officer's for 2012-2013 was voted on as well.  Here is a list of your NTMCA Officer's for 2012-2013:


President - Alicia Richardson (Southlake)

Vice-President - Diane Cockrell (Decatur)

Treasurer - Julie Heinze (Lewisville)

Secretary - April Hill (Roanoke)

Historian - Amanda McCrory (Burleson)


I hope that you will join me as we welcome TMCA President LeAnn Gallman to our August 15 meeting in Burleson.  President Gallman will update the membership of activities at the State level.  Additionally, we will review the proposed budget for the upcoming fiscal year, and are happy to welcome back Jon Stigliano, President and Founder of Strategic Solutions Group, an Organizational Development firm, as we continue on with the NTMCA Empowerment Series.  We last heard from Jon in April as he shared with us how to maximize our productivity. Make your reservation today!


Hope to see you in Burleson on August 15th.  Honk, Honk!


Kim Sutter

NTMCA President

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If there is a topic of interest or subject that you would like to see addressed in an upcoming newsletter, please contact a member of the Board.  If you would like to contribute an article for consideration, please submit it by e-mail to Julie Heinze.

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Fellow NTMCA Member and City Secretary Carol Borges is inquiring how many of us have City Council's that are considering staff raises for FY12/13.  


It would be super appreciated if we could all please take a few moments out of our busy schedules to e-mail her what is being proposed in your City's upcoming budget. 


Once she has received our responses, we will make the information available on the NTMCA Website.

August 15th Luncheon Registration



Jon M. Stigliano is President and Founder of Strategic Solutions Group, which is an Organizational Development firm.  Mr. Stigliano works with municipalities to provide various training seminars on self-development, leadership, managing priorities and values training.  Mr. Stigliano's presentation-Managing Multiple Priorities-was well received at our April business luncheon.   We look forward to seeing you in August as we continue our Empowerment Series!


Registration is now open for this event.  Please click the following link to register today and join us for the next series of our Empowerment Series!!! 


 August 15, 2012  NTMCA Business Luncheon   

Kim Sutter, President

Alicia Richardson, Vice President
Diane Cockrell, Treasurer

Julie Heinze, Secretary

April Hill, Historian
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August 15, 2012 - Burleson


September 12, 2012 - Bedford

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