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2011 Temkin Trust RatingsNovember 2011


USAA, Amazon, and Costco are the top three companies on the 2011 Temkin Trust Ratings. Before I discuss that research, however, I want to share a brief overview of the recent Customer Experience Professionals Association ( event we held in Boston on October 18th to 20th.


But even before I get to that, I'd like to invite you to participate in a Peppers & Rogers Group/Temkin Group study on social media. All you have to do is complete a short survey. Thanks!


The CXPA event was a great three days! More than 180 CX professionals gathered to attend the CXPA Members Insight Exchange. The Omni Parker House and Fenway Park were wonderful venues. 


The attendees networked, shared best practices, and planned for the future of the CXPA. At lunch on the 19th, Ginger Conlon announced the winners of the 2011 1to1 Customer Champions Award. We also had our first meeting of the newly elected board of directors (see list below).


Here are a couple of pictures from the "My CXPA" session where the room was abuzz with members defining what they want from the CXPA.

If you want to know more about the event, then read this great article on Fast Company: Imagine A World Where The Cable Guy Shows Up On Time. I've also written a couple of blog posts about the event:  7 Observations From The CXPA Event and I'm Excited About The Customer Experience Profession.

One of the things I challenged the group to do was to create more standards across the industry. Here's one easy one, let's use CX as THE abbreviation for customer experience. One small step... 
2011 Temkin Trust Ratings 

We asked 6,000 U.S. consumers how much they trust different companies. The data allowed us to rate 143 companies across 12 industries. Here are the top 10 on the list:


(1) USAA (insurance)

(2) (retail)
(3) Costco (retail)
(4) Edward Jones (investments)
(4) Hyatt (hotel)
(4) Sam's Club (retail)
(4) TriCare (health plan)
(8) Kohl's (retail)
(9) Walgreens (retail)
(10) Vanguard (investments)
As you can see from the results below, not many companies do a good job building trust, and the situation is particularly bad for TV service providers, Internet service providers, and health plans.

After publishing the rankings, I did some analysis of the relationship between trust and advocacy. As you can see in the data below, consumers mostly recommend the companies that they trust.


For all of the data on all of the companies in all of the ratings, visit...

 Temkin Ratings 

Customer Experience Matters Blog
CXPA Update 

The Customer Experience Professionals Association ( community has reached about 1,000 members. It's becoming a really thriving group!

Since the last journal, we announced the election of our first full board of directors, a great group to lead the CXPA:
  • Brian Andrews, vice president, customer experience and business excellence, Intuit
  • Parrish Arturi, senior vice president, customer experience, Fidelity Investments
  • Lior Arussy, president, Strativity Group
  • Jim Bampos, vice president, customer quality, EMC Corporation
  • Jeanne Bliss, president, CustomerBliss
  • Erica Bullard, vice president, customer experience, Healthy Directions
  • Ginger Conlon, editorial director, 1to1 Media
  • Chris Davey, senior vice president, managing director and worldwide head of commerce and innovation, SapientNitro
  • Kimberly Edmunds, senior vice president, customer operations, Cox Communications
  • Karyn Furstman, vice president, customer experience, Safeco Insurance
  • Ian Golding, head of group customer experience, Shop Direct Group
  • Dorsey McGlone Russell, vice president, customer experience global accountabilities, LexisNexis
  • Jason Mittelstaedt, chief marketing officer, RightNow Technologies
  • Karl Sharicz, director of customer intelligence, SimplexGrinnell
  • Bruce Temkin, managing partner, Temkin Group 
As I mentioned earlier, we had a fantastic event in Boston. Here's part of what I shared during my opening and closing remarks:
If you're a customer experience professional, then I highly urge you to joinI

Temkin Group Update

We have exciting research coming out over the next month which includes the State of CX Metrics, 2011 which will go live later this week. We are also doing our year-end survey to gauge where CX is heading as we end 2011.

In addition, we are planning for next year. We've already made plans to extend the 2012 Temkin Ratings into the UK. And there's a lot more underway.
As you put together your 2012 budget, don't forget to include a subscription to Temkin Group Research. Our research bundles include access to all of our research for your entire organization, answers to questions that you have about the research or your CX efforts, and a strategy session to discuss the topic of your choice. Send us a note at if you'd like to get a quote. Take a look at our previous research.

If you're looking to accelerate your organization's customer experience transformation efforts, here are a number of ways that Temkin Group can help:

  • Assessments of customer experience efforts, to identify gaps and opportunities to accelerate your transformation efforts
  • Speeches and webinars on a wide range of customer experience and leadership topics
  • Interactive workshops for executive teams or other groups to gain alignment around key customer experience principles and priorities or to develop plans in areas such as voice of the customer programs
  • Educational curricula to establish and reinforce an understanding of proven customer experience principles across an organization
  • Strategy reviews of marketing and product plans for vendors who want to help companies transform their customer experience
Drop me a line at, visit our Website at, or give us a call at (617) 916-2075.


And don't forget to take the short Peppers & Rogers Group/Temkin Group survey on social media.




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>77% of B2B firms face a lack of commitment about CX compared with 61% of B2C firms 


> 30% of consumers are dissatisfied with service from TV service providers and are not willing to forgive them


> 4O year-olds are the most likely to tell a company about a bad experience

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