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How Consumers Give Feedback
March 2011

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How do customers respond to a very good or very bad experience? Despite the hype, Twitter and Facebook are not high on the list.

In the new Temkin Group Insight Report, How Consumers Give Feedback, we analyzed survey responses from 6,000 US consumers and found that they most frequently tell their friends about the experience via email, phone or in-person.

How Consumers Give Feedback 

The report also analyzes the difference across consumer segments based on age, income, ethnicity, and education. Here are some  tidbits of information from the report:
  • Hispanic consumers used Facebook more than Caucasians and African Americans to talk about their experiences.
  • African American consumers were the least likely to tell companies about a bad experience.
  • The higher the educational level, the more likely consumers were to give feedback directly to companies.
  • Higher income consumers were more likely to share their good and bad experiences via Twitter
In the report, we also looked at the customer bases of 141 large companies and found that they had different social media profiles.It turns out that the following companies are the 20 companies that are most succeptible to negative social media backlash:
  • Companies with customers who are most likely to discuss negative experiences via Facebook: 21st Century, AAA, American Airlines, Apple, Best Western, Continental Airlines, Courtyard By Marriott,Days Inn, E*Trade, Edward Jones, Gap, Hilton, Holiday Inn, Holiday Inn Express, Hyatt, JetBlue, Marriott, Sony, Super 8, and TriCare  
  • Companies with customers who are most likely to discuss negative experiences via Twitter: 21st Century, AirTran, Best Western, Bright House, Cablevision, Compaq, Continental Airlines, Courtyard By Marriott, Days Inn, E*Trade, Edward Jones, Gateway, Hilton, Hyatt, JetBlue, Lenovo, Merrill Lynch, MetLife, Optimum, and Sony
Target Tops Evaluation Of Phone Self-Service

When traveling in an unfamiliar area, calling a store's toll-free number can be a convenient way to locate the closest branch or store location. How user-friendly are these phone-based store locators? In a new report, Locating A Store On The Phone Is Not Always Easy, we used Temkin Group's SLICE-B methodology to evaluate the experiences at five large banks and five large retailers. Target was the only store to receive an "Excellent" overall rating.

Phone Self Service Evaluation Results 

New Blog Posts

Nokia recently announced that it was dropping its cell phone operating system in favor of Microsoft's. That amounts to a failure of Nokia to keep up with the new wave of smartphones and exposed Nokia's engineering-oriented culture. In a post called Nokia Needs More Design, Less Engineering, I introduce these three elements that are the cornerstones of focus for a design culture:

Three Components Of Experience  

In the post Your Company Does Not Own Its Brand, I describe the three ingredients for building a true brand:

Three Ingredients For Building Brands  

Here are some other recent posts from the Customer Experience Matters blog that you might want to check out:
Temkin Group Update

If you're looking to accelerate your organization's customer experience transformation in 2011, here are a number of the ways that Temkin Group can help:
  • Assessments of customer experience efforts, to identify gaps and opportunities to accelerate your transformation efforts
  • Speeches and webinars on a wide range of customer experience and leadership topics
  • Interactive workshops for executive teams or other groups to gain alignment around key customer experience principles and priorities or to develop plans in areas such as voice of the customer programs
  • Educational curriculum to establish and reinforce an understanding of proven customer experience principles across an organization
  • Strategy reviews of marketing and product plans for vendors who want to help companies transform their customer experience
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Temkin Group Insight Report- The Current State Of Customer Experience

We are a research and consulting firm that combines thought leadership with a deep understanding of the dynamics of large organizations to help senior executives accelerate their customer experience transformational efforts
Customer Experience
Data Tidbits


  >Only 16% of large NA firms think they always or almost always delight customers who seek customer service online

> 79% of companies report positive results from VOC programs, but only 1% of large firms have reached the highest level of VoC  maturity

> 90% of customer experience leaders regularly celebrate and reward employees that exemplify their core values, compared to only 17% of laggards

> 60% of large companies want to lead their industry in customer experience within 3 years
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8 Customer Experience Trends For 2011

1. Customer Insight Propagation

2. Unstructured Data Appreciation

3. Customer Service Rejuvenation

4. Loyalty Intensification

5. Interaction iPod-ization

6. Social Media Assimilation

7. Digital/Physical Integration

8. Cultural Renovation       

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