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Customer Experience Planning For 2011
November 2010

Welcome to November and Happy Thanksgiving for those of you who will be celebrating the holiday. Given the time of year, we're focusing this Journal on 2011 customer experience planning.

As part of our research on 2011 plans, we'd love to have you participate in our year-end survey which looks back at 2010 and forward to 2011. It will only take about 15 minutes to complete and you'll get a copy of the findings and a chance to win a $50 certificate.

We've organized this Journal into the following key areas:
As always, keep an eye on our blog, Customer Experience Matters, and on the Temkin Group Website for more information.
CompetenciesIdentify Overall Strengths And Weaknesses

Start your customer experience planning process by assessing your current strengths and weaknesses. I recommend that you begin with the Customer Experience Competency Assessment that can be found in a free Temkin Group report, The Four Core Customer Experience Competencies.

You can see from this data, that most companies still have a lot of opportunities for improvement.

Customer Experience Competency Levels

I've also published recent blog posts for each of the four competencies: If you want to benchmark your company in more detail across these dimensions, or in other areas, then take a look at these Temkin Group reports:
Use the insights from this self-assessment to identify priorities for building organizational capabilities in 2011.
VoCBuild A Strong(er) Voice Of The Customer Program

There's nothing more powerful for aligning an organization with the needs of customers than developing a strong voice of the customer (VoC) program. So, for many of you, this will be a key area of focus in 2011.

In the newest Temkin Group report, The State Of Voice Of The Customer Programs, we examine VoC programs at 119 large companies. It has a lot of data for benchmarking your VoC program.

It turns out that 79% of large organizations already report positive results from their VoC efforts, but only 1% are what Temkin Group calls "Transformers," the highest level of VoC maturity.

 VoC Program Evolution

Going into 2011, it makes sense to gauge your VoC program, which you can do by using our VoC Maturity Assessment in that report.

If you don't want to purchase that report, then we've also made the assessment tool available for free in a report called Assessing The Maturity Of Voice Of The Customer Programs.

A good place to start building a VoC program is by mapping your customers' journeys to ensure that feedback comes from the customer's perspective.

Also, you should consider budgeting for tools that automate the collection and distribution of customer insights. I've started to call these systems Customer Insight and Action (CIA) Platforms. Here's where you can read more about them:
Business_ResultsRemember To Focus On Business Results

Customer experience efforts are not altruistic; they need to accomplish your goals. The goal of customer experience management is to change how an organization acts so that those behaviors improve customer loyalty.

What are those elements you can aim to change with customers?

  • Attitudes: How do you want those customers to think and feel about your company?
  • Behaviors: What do you want those customers to do?
Attitudes And Behaviors

Read more about this in the recent blog post: Customer Experience Affects Attitudes And Behaviors.

Here are some other posts that you may also want to check out:
Temkin Group Update

Not surprisingly, Temkin Group has been busy reviewing clients' 2011 plans. In addition, we've been helping a number of firms trying to build more customer-centric cultures.

Here are a few of the ways that Temkin Group can help:
  • Assessments of customer experience efforts, to identify gaps and opportunities to accelerate your transformation efforts
  • Speeches and webinars on a wide range of customer experience and leadership topics
  • Interactive workshops for executive teams or other groups to gain alignment around key customer experience principles and priorities or to develop plans in areas such as voice of the customer programs
  • Educational curriculum to establish and reinforce an understanding of proven customer experience principles across an organization
  • Strategy reviews of marketing and product plans for vendors who want to help companies transform their customer experience
If you're looking for help today, or putting together your plans for 2011, drop me a line at, visit our Website at, or give us a call at (617)916-2075.
And don't forget to participate in our Q4 2010 survey.
Bruce Temkin
Customer Experience Transformist
& Managing Partner
Temkin Group
In This Issue
> Identify Overall Strengths And Weaknesses
> Build A Stong(er) VoC Program
> Remember To Focus On Business Results
> Temkin Group Update
> New Research: The State Of VoC Programs
> The 6 Laws Of Customer Experience
Temkin Group Insight Report- The Current State Of Customer Experience

We are a research and consulting firm that combines thought leadership with a deep understanding of the dynamics of large organizations to help senior executives accelerate their customer experience transformational efforts

Some factoids from our analysis of VoC programs at 100+ large organizations:

> 79% of firms have seen positive benefits.

> Nearly 80% use email to collect feedback.

> Only 22% track social media today, but 35% are actively considering it.

> Only 3% collect feedback via mobile apps, but 21% are actively considering it.

> 43% plan to invest more in VoC in 2011.

> 66% expect to improve a lot in 2011 when it comes to getting the organization to use feedback data.

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Remember to always keep these "6 laws" in mind:

1. Every interaction creates a personal reaction.
2. People are instinctively self-centered.
3. Customer familiarity breeds alignment.
4. Unengaged employees don't create engaged customers.
5. Employees do what is measured, incented, and celebrated.
6. You can't fake it.
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