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Is so, you can use it at your next appointment!  Most dental procedures are covered with the card.  Reap the benefits of a beautiful smile and a fuller wallet.  Use the flexible spending card before the year ends.  Call our office to set up your next appointment today! 
Drs. Benjamin & Julia OppenheimerSept. 2010
imtecdenture         implants 
Hello!  This months newsletter has a lot of exciting news and information that we wanted to share with you. 
We have several Mini Dental Implant Courses scheduled for this fall and into the new year.  If you haven't registered yet for a course and are still interested, you can visit www.
Cavity Prevention Tips
The American Dental Association (ADA) advises parents to teach children the importance of oral hygiene at an early age, so when they grow up they will continue good habits that will contribute to their overall health. Oral hygiene, just like diet and exercise, should be factored together when teaching children how to keep themselves healthy.
The American Dental Association offers these age-by-age more


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