Drs. Benjamin & Julia OppenheimerOctober 2010
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National Dental Hygiene Month!

  Trick or treat?!  As you know, Halloween is approaching and while the kids are chewing on mouthfulls of candy, parents and dentists are arming themselves with plenty of toothbrushes and paste to fight back those cavities that may be caused by eating too much sugar. 
  Don't get scared this Halloween!  In this months newsletter we provide you with a plethora of information about proper oral hygiene, prevention of cavities, and healthy alternatives to candy. 
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Drs. Benjamin & Julia Oppenheimer
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Benjamin D. Oppenheimer, DDS
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Featured Article
Featured Article
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Take the fright out of holiday candy by following these oral care tips!
Alternatives to Candy
Sugar free gum
Vampire teeth
Halloween stickers
Party favor sunglasses
Small cans of playdoh
Halloween bouncy balls
Temporary tattoos
Small bottles of bubbles

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National Dental Hygiene Month